Is Your Facility Ready For This Holiday Season?

Is Your Facility Ready For This Holiday Season?

What to Expect When Shopping This Holiday Season 2018

This year, holiday shopping will inevitably begin with digital devices (shocker). However, fear not brick-and-mortar! Consumers may be looking more towards online shopping to begin their holiday shopping experience, BUT 51% of shoppers who have used “buy-online, pickup in-store” at least two times in the past 12 months made unplanned purchases when they went to retrieve their order. On average, shoppers spent $40 more on unplanned purchases when making a click-and-collect pickup.

Our advice? If we are following along with the idea that brick-and-mortar is dying, although previously proven as inaccurate here, then adding more experiential items to your in store repertoire will be exactly what you need this holiday season.

The busiest holiday shopping day of 2018 will take place on Black Friday, November 23rd, followed by Super Saturday, December 22nd, and Saturday December 15th, according to an annual survey by retail analytics firm ShopperTrak. This means that the time is now for brick-and-mortar stores to double, triple, quadruple check to make sure that their facilities are prepared for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving coming up and Black Friday not far behind, a seamless in-store shopping experience is crucial for your store to succeed during these next few months. This means that your facility must be in tip top shape from functioning updated lighting (especially in parking lots; let’s remember Black Friday starts practically at 6 PM on Thanksgiving – are your parking lots well lit?), top of the notch electrical work throughout your entire store that is reliable, and a facility that is in tip-top condition.

Seasoned shoppers in the next couple of months will be looking for value differentiators when it comes to ease of their shopping experience. This season, shoppers expect retailers to use their physical store locations as value differentiators. With more in-store events, opportunities for shoppers to demo new products, and other creative experiences that shoppers can only enjoy by visiting a store location will be a retailer’s icing on top of the cake. Customers are looking to make holiday shopping more of an enjoyable, experiential trip rather than a “chore”.




Based off of Chain Store Age article by: Marianne Wilson and Holiday Essentials by: Deena M. Amato-McCoy