Disaster Recovery Prepping

Disaster Recovery Prepping

Natural disasters have been striking one after another over the past few weeks leaving huge devastation. From Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Irma, homes and businesses have been destroyed, and communities are left to rebuild.

Rogers has flown team members into action both along the Texan coast and in Houston and all over Florida to help facilitate change and rebuild.

Do you have what you need when disaster strikes?

The answer to the question above may be “yes” if your organization is among the select group of companies that make readiness a high priority and regularly test and maintain business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities to keep pace with business requirements. For other organizations, it is almost certain there are gaps in training, recovery plans, communication plans, and/or technology that will impact your ability to recover business operations.

We would love to help fill these gaps and create recovery plans that are proactive instead of reactive, so when the next disaster strikes you and your team are ready. Let Rogers help your organization develop disaster plans and implementation guidelines. Our clients are a who’s who of the top Retail, Restaurant, and Financial Institutions nationally.

If you would like to learn how Rogers Electric can help you assess and improve your disaster readiness, please feel free to contact us today! Call 770-772-3400 and we’ll get started.