Rogers Spotlight: Jeremy Rohl

Rogers Spotlight: Jeremy Rohl


We are so grateful for incredible work from technicians like Jeremy Rohl, this week’s Employee Spotlight. Jeremy’s dedication to Rogers and hard work does not go unnoticed as he consistently puts in the work to be successful. For this week’s Thankful Thursday, Jeremy’s Manager has dedicated his spotlight to highlighting three specific Rogers Core Value that Jeremy embodies: Professionalism, Communication, and Driven. Here’s what Jeremy’s manager Tom Mueller had to say about his consistent, impactful, dedicated work with Rogers.

For the time I have managed Jeremy, he has gone above and beyond over and over. Jeremy does not embody just one of our core values but all of them. Jeremy completes his work on a day to day basis with the utmost professionalism and his communication is off the charts.

Jeremy is constantly stepping up to cover for techs who refuse to be on call and he answers his phone anytime I call…or anyone calls for that matter. At the end of the day before he heads home he always calls to make sure there is nothing else left to do for that day. He possesses a work ethic that should define a Rogers Technician, and he strives daily to better himself so that he can help Rogers continue to grow. He takes tremendous pride in his work and always completes what he starts.

For the 6 months of being imbedded in this area, Jeremy has proven himself to be worthy of this recognition time and time again. Jeremy does the work of 2 techs and has at times pulled over 300 feet of wire to complete a parking lot job on a first trip. I could go on and on about Jeremy. Bottom line is he is Rogers Electric through and through.

Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations on your spotlight, Jeremy! We wish you the best out in the field, and hope you stay safe and healthy.


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