Recruiter Spotlight: Ashley Cronin

Recruiter Spotlight: Ashley Cronin

It’s #ThankfulThursday:
Recruiter Spotlight Edition!

There are so many different pieces and parts that must come together to make Rogers successful on a day to day basis. Along with our technicians across the country who work so hard, we have multiple teams in our Corporate Office in Alpharetta, GA who work endlessly to keep Rogers on its A game. Some of these teams include our Project Managers, Dispatchers, Procurement, our Financial Department, Marketing, and our Human Resources Department. Inside our Human Resources Department, our Recruitment Team is top of the line helping bring in the wonderful employees that make our Rogers family what it is. We are so proud of all of our employees, but this week we will be highlighting one of our Recruiters and continuing our weekly #ThankfulThursday to show our appreciation!

In this week’s installment, we would like to honor Ashley Cronin.

Ashley was recently nominated by her coworkers to be honored this week because of her incredible hard work and dedication to Rogers. We sat down and asked Ashley some questions about her her position as a recruiter and her work day here at Rogers. Here is what she had to say…

What is your favorite aspect of being a recruiter?

“I am a people person, so I love making connections and meeting new people. Being a recruiter gives me that opportunity to do that. I like the challenge of having an opening and getting it filled with the best candidate for that department – whether it is field or corporate roles.”

How long have you been a recruiter/how long have you been at Rogers?

“I have been with Rogers for 7 years and a Recruiter for 4.5 years. My work anniversary is January 13th.”

What are you looking for in your candidates?

“Regarding candidates, I look for good communication, dependability and a personality fit within that department. I also look at their past job duties to see if it matches the open job description that is posted.”

What districts/positions do you hire for?

“The divisions I am responsible for are the construction division from Project Managers, Foreman, to Electrical Helpers. I am also the Lead Recruiter for Resource1. In this role I source and fill corporate roles for this division for Alpharetta, Danbury, CT and Miami, FL.”

Why do you like working at Rogers? Favorite part of working at Rogers?

“I like working at Rogers and the Service Industry as a whole. I enjoy working in Talent Acquisition as I am a people person, so I like meeting new people and building relationships. I love making connections and building a talent pool of top candidates. I am so proud to say Rogers completed a job or a small project, knowing that I played some part in helping bring those people in. I like the employees at the corporate office and the friendly personalities.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love spending time with my husband and two sons. I enjoy going to events with my friends – whether that is dinner, birthday celebrations, or concerts. I enjoy warm weather, taking beach vacations, watching college football and Atlanta Braves baseball games.”

Ashley’s hard work is what makes Rogers what it is and her dedication to recruiting the best employees possible does not go unnoticed. Congratulations on your spotlight Ashley, you more than deserve it! We’re incredibly proud and lucky to have you as a member of the Rogers family! Look for next week’s spotlight when we show off another Rogers’ employee who has shown an incredible amount of dedication to Recruiting!