Recruiter Spotlight: Ashley Stadel

Recruiter Spotlight: Ashley Stadel

It’s #ThankfulThursday:
Recruiter Spotlight Edition!

There are so many different pieces and parts that must come together to make Rogers successful on a day to day basis. Along with our technicians across the country who work so hard, we have multiple teams in our Corporate Office in Alpharetta, GA who work endlessly to keep Rogers on its A game. Some of these teams include our Project Managers, Dispatchers, Procurement, our Financial Department, Marketing, and our Human Resources Department. Inside our Human Resources Department, our Recruitment Team is top of the line helping bring in the wonderful employees that make our Rogers family what it is. We are so proud of all of our employees, but for the next month we will be highlighting our Recruiters who work so incredibly hard at bringing in the best employees possible. We’re continuing our weekly #ThankfulThursday to show our appreciation!

In this week’s installment, we would like to honor one of our incredible recruiters, Ashley Stadel.

Ashley was recently nominated by her coworkers to be honored this week because of her incredible hard work and dedication to Rogers. Here are some of the things they said…

Tom Mueller, Service Manager: “Ashley has been very active in helping out with the process of recruiting. When new job openings have been needed, she has created these in a timely manner, and when there are new candidates she has sent them over. Ashley has always been helpful when I have issues. She has also  been very patient with the new candidates and all the various issues that she needs to deal with on a daily basis. They have a lot of questions, and I am told that she has been there for them answering all the questions they may have.”

Bonnie Hill, Talent Acquisition Manager: “Our team is tasked with filling the company with top talent. This can lead to many stressful situations and Ashley always responds to these with a positive, go-getter attitude. She understands how to listen to candidates and help them navigate the new hire process. The systems we use in HR are constantly changing. Ashley is constantly searching for new ideas and ways to improve efficiency on our team. That is crucial for us to be ahead of the game. Ashley Stadel is a key part our Talent Acquisition and HR team. We are thankful to have her working hard for Rogers.”

Ashley’s hard work is what makes Rogers what it is and her dedication to recruiting the best employees possible does not go unnoticed. Congratulations on your spotlight Ashley, you more than deserve it! We’re incredibly proud and lucky to have you as a member of the Rogers family! Look for next week’s spotlight when we show off another Rogers’ employee who has shown an incredible amount of dedication to Recruiting!