Retail Healthcare Companies Expand

Retail Healthcare Companies Expand

For those who frequent (or even occasionally drop in to) a CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, you might have noticed over the past years that its expansion of food, drinks, makeup, and personal care products has been impressive, to say the least.

Major companies like NYX, E.L.F., and Burt’s Bees have joined the household names we’ve come to expect from retail pharmacies. Many stores even carry a pretty well-rounded selection of wine and beer! It’s clear that these companies have seen the necessity of being a true, all-around neighborhood retail convenience store.

One company, however, has decided to reap first-mover advantages by expanding like no one else has… yet. In February 2019, CVS announced a new focus on health that is both refreshing and revolutionary.

CVS has been around for just under 60 years, and in that time the company has partnered with more than its fair share of consumer-focused health initiatives: MinuteClinics, Aetna (acquired in 2018), and Omnicare (acquired in 2015) to name a few. It has also been at the forefront of community initiatives (announcing a $100 million commitment to prove community health in 2019[i]). In February of last year, CVS announced its newest health-centric concept: HealthHUBs. Part of the $70 billion acquisition of Aetna, these stores would expand the services offered at their MinuteClinics and bring a focus to health products. Three pilot stores opened up in the Houston area following the company’s announcement, with dedicated space for customers to help manage chronic conditions, speak with dietitians, and even relax with a yoga class. The stores also have labs for blood testing and health screenings.[ii]


Needless to say, the announcement was well received.

In June, CVS confirmed expansion of the HealthHUBs; this year, CVS plans to open up at least another 600-650 locations and is expecting to have 1,500 locations open by the end of 2021. So far, the stores have spread to Atlanta, Philadelphia, southern New Jersey, and Tampa. CVS pharmacy President, Kevin Hourican, stated that the stores have seen higher traffic in the MinuteClinics, increased sales in the front of the store, and more prescription volumes.[iii]

In a time in which many in this country have had to re-evaluate their priorities with health spending, this idea could not have come at a better time. The HealthHUBs are partnered directly with Aetna members, giving them access to easily accessible solutions just down the street from their homes. Lydia Ramsey of Business Insider said,

“The health hubs are key to CVS’s strategy to keep patients healthier and out of the hospitals, now that CVS owns health insurer Aetna. It’s a big bet that consumers will want to use retail pharmacies as their ‘new front door to health.[iv]

We at Rogers couldn’t agree more. As the world is changing and new generations are more focused on fast convenience, quick results, and – let’s be honest – instant gratification, we expect this to be the beginning of a retail health revolution. And we’re ready to jump in! Our nationwide footprint and dedicated technicians are here to help companies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and even Target and Wal-Mart bring health to the center of their stores quickly and seamlessly. Our broad experience in the retail industry helps us guarantee success for each multi-site or single-site renovation. And we’re always on board with a health and community-focused initiative!

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