Rogers Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Rogers Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Rogers celebrates the amazing ladies in our Construction department every single week, but specifically this week alongside the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)’s National Women In Construction Week.

Times are changing quickly, and women in the Construction industry are becoming more abundant as our industry standards, and generally our workforce standards, evolve faster than we can blink. “According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up, approximately, 9% to 10% of the construction workforce. However, many projections show those numbers will climb significantly over the next few years.” [i]

Rogers has so many powerhouse females working in this male dominant industry, and weeks like this bring attention to women bringing an entirely new and very much needed mindset to this sector of business. “This week celebrates the women who have and are paving the way for women in Construction.  It’s an honor to be recognized in this industry and to help lead the way for others who want to have a career in Construction,” says D’Anne Hamilton, our Construction Executive Assistant. “This is where I feel at home and I’m thankful to be a part of this wonderful family at Rogers.”

Here at Rogers, we believe that women play an incredibly important role in the different leadership positions making Rogers the success that it is. Lindsey Schoultz, whose father, Lin, is the owner of Rogers has grown up in this industry and is very familiar with what it takes to make a company in this industry successful.

You will find women in all different roles at Rogers, including leadership roles. We have a Lean In Circle here where women meet on a regular basis to support each other, both professionally and personally and I love seeing their passion and watching them work together to accomplish a goal or solve a problem.

Being a woman in the Construction industry means something different to every person you ask, but to our Construction Office Manager, Diane Coger, it means “challenging myself, being confident in what I do know and the skills and perspectives I have to offer.”

Nothing is as rewarding as working on a project from start to finish, and knowing that I did my part is an added plus.

“Women in the U.S. earn on average 81.1% of what men make. The gender pay gap is significantly smaller in construction occupations, with women earning on average 99.1% of what men make.”[ii] While some statistics show the wage gap being close to nonexistent in the construction industry, and others note it’s closer to the overall average wage gap, these numbers go to show that women are making a change in this industry. By taking time to celebrate women specifically during NWIC, this industry’s workforce is bringing light to the significant impact women have in this industry. For our HR Manager, Kimberly Ward, it wasn’t any industry she necessarily sought out to be a part of, but is happy that she is.

I am extremely happy that my career path made a turn for the Construction industry. I enjoy every aspect of my career! I mostly enjoy the daily challenges that I am faced with. I accept every challenge gracefully and execute successfully.

Last but not least, we’ll end with one final thought from Kimberly that we hope is the standard set for all women in this industry.

I enjoy being able to learn from other women in the Construction industry. Every female leader I have crossed paths with on my journey has been inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. There is endless opportunities for women to excel in the construction industry and look forward to working with wonderful talented women construction leaders in the future.

We are so thankful for everyone in our Construction department, but specifically our hardworking team of ladies who continue to make Rogers the success that it is. Thank you for all you do, we hope you felt appreciated this week!