Rogers Services Lights Up New Jury Plaza In Houston

Rogers Services Lights Up New Jury Plaza In Houston

Rogers Services, one of the country’s leading electrical service providers, recently headed to Texas to brighten the jury duty experience for Harris County residents in Houston, Texas. In 2011, prospective county jurors were lit up with surprise as they walked into a New Jury Plaza, the centerpiece of the recently renovated courts complex.

Looking to improve and streamline jury duty for its county residents, the Harris County district looked to Rogers Services to install the lighting for the project. The renovation added a new 33,500-square-foot glass entry pavilion and four underground jury assembly rooms. Overall, the completed project was 85 percent below grade.

“Lighting the underground jury assembly rooms posed a challenge to keeping the jurors attentive and more satisfied with their time at the courts,” said Chris Rogers, president and chief executive officer of Rogers Services. “We utilized the natural light from the building above, but also installed energy efficient luminaries to ensure that each room was well lit.”

The new jury plaza is located at the center of the nine square block Harris County Courts campus and accomplished the goal of preserving the surrounding green spaces in downtown Houston. Rogers Services worked alongside Hoar Construction and architect PageSoutherlandPage to complete the project.


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