Rogers Spotlight: California Edition

Rogers Spotlight: California Edition

Employee Spotlight

This week’s #EmployeeSpotlight is a special one, and a little bit different than what we normally do. Over the past month or so, our Marketing Team has been travelling all over the country to different job sites to capture a clearer picture of what being a part of the Rogers Family means outside of our corporate office. With that being said, we have been able to meet technicians from the East Coast to the West Coast and have been so impressed with the incredible employees we’ve now had the pleasure to come face to face with. Our Marketing Team has the opportunity to hear from Service Managers, Project Managers, and technicians themselves about the incredible things our employees are doing out in the field through social media, our website, and word of mouth on a daily basis. We truly enjoy hearing every single story shared, but we enjoy it even more when we actually get to experience it ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago, we travelled out to Covina, CA to visit our Rogers team working on a couple of job sites on the West coast. Not only were we welcomed with open arms from the get go, but we got to watch 3 incredible Rogers employees do what they do best – represent Rogers and get their jobs done.

This week, we didn’t feel right highlighting only one of these incredible individuals we worked with, so we’ve decided to highlight all three. This week’s #EmployeeSpotlight goes to Lance Privett, George Rousse, and Aurelio Lopez. Lance Privett is the Service Manager for George and Aurelio. Not only were these guys on top of their game as far as their communication with our customer, safety regulations, and efficiency, but they also took time to give me an insight on what their day to day work life is like for Rogers. Lance took the time to walk us through each project we had done for this particular customer, and was so proud of the great work he and his team had put in. We got to watch each of these guys do their jobs with ease, knowledge, confidence, and efficiency, and we couldn’t wait to get back and show off all of the hard work these guys have been putting in.

We’re so appreciative of all of the hard work you put in with Rogers, Lance, George, and Aurelio. We can’t wait to watch you guys continue to grow within the company. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without hardworking employees like you three making Rogers what it is. Congrats on your spotlight!

Look for next week’s edition when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.