Rogers Spotlight: Casey Wright

Rogers Spotlight: Casey Wright


To continue to spread the word on our new company core values, we’re continuing to incorporate each and every Employee Spotlight into these new beliefs that encapture Rogers. Like promised, we are moving into our fourth week of sharing these values we hold so dearly to our Rogers Family within the company, and through the relationships we’ve built with our customers outside of the company. With that being said, we’re excited to continue our #EmployeeSpotlight highlighting each different core values in our employees who work so hard to make this company the success it is on a day to day basis.

This week, our #ThankfulThursday is one of our very hardworking employees, Casey Wright. We learned from Casey’s colleagues about all of the hard work he has put in here at Rogers, and we wanted to take a moment to share the incredible things his supervisors and colleagues had to say about him.

One colleague said,

“Casey consistently performs on a very high level, as he is great asset in the Alabama market. He continues to keep his first trip completion high, as well as keeping the customer satisfaction a top priority.”

Another says,

“Casey also helped out with a job that required multiple vendor meets and five different inspections in a single day to get a troubled issue fixed for the customer. He demonstrates hard work, dedication, and takes on any challenges that comes his way. “

Casey “plays a key role in building customer RELATIONSHIPS.” Not only is Casey constantly doing the best work he can for Rogers, but he is consistently showing how much he cares about our customers. Casey adds so much value to our team and we’re so appreciative of all of the hard work he puts in with Rogers. We can’t wait to watch Casey continue to grow within the company. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without hardworking employees like him making Rogers what it is.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.