Rogers Spotlight: John Caddick

Rogers Spotlight: John Caddick

Thankful Thursday

This week’s Thankful Thursday is extra special to our Rogers family because of the reason we’re getting to highlight this specific technician. On of our Service Managers in California, Dan Orphan, sent our Marketing team an email about how one of our technicians went above and beyond on a job site and we couldn’t wait to share the incredible story.

John Caddick is one of our technicians out of the California North District, and this week we’re excited to show off his hard work on and off the job site.

Dan Orphan had a woman call him last week saying that one of our technicians saved her life. She was outside of a movie theater and had an asthma attack, and she had forgotten her inhaler. John Caddick saw her laboring to breathe while he was on the job and asked if she needed help. He administered aid to her and she was incredibly thankful he was there and able to help her. She said “I don’t know what you people do, but you’ve got a good man there working for you.”

Rogers is so much more than the day in and day out tasks that keep the business running – Rogers is full of employees like John who continue to go above and beyond to not only be a good employee, but be a good samaritan as well. We are so proud to have a team with people like John going above and beyond. Congrats on your spotlight, John! We are so happy to have you on the team. Be sure to check next week when we Get Connected with more of our Rogers Family!