Rogers Spotlight: Juan Gonzalez

Rogers Spotlight: Juan Gonzalez


As we make our way through April, we are constantly¬† being reminded of the amazing employees we have working hard to ensure Rogers stays on track with the work we’re doing across the country. We have multiple technicians nationwide who have been working extra hard this month given the current global situation we are in, but there is one specific tech down in Florida who deserves recognition this week: Juan Gonzalez. Juan is being recognized by his Service Managers for continuing to go above and beyond for Rogers during this unprecedented time.

Here is what Juan’s peers had to say about his incredible work with Rogers…

Juan always goes above and beyond to help us out with any work orders we ask him to. We’re thankful to have him on the team!

99% of the time, Juan is completing work orders on the first trip. With the situation we are currently in with Covid-19, this is incredibly helpful by minimizing the amount of contact we’re having with our customers and other technicians/workers on the job site. We are very grateful for Juan’s hard work!

Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing, Juan! Congrats on your spotlight. We are so thankful for employees like you that weather the storm, no matter what’s thrown their way. We wish you the best out in the field, and hope you stay safe and healthy. We can’t wait to see how you continue to impact this company through the work you’re doing. Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.