Rogers Spotlight: Luz Cabrera

Rogers Spotlight: Luz Cabrera


Rogers has several intentions set for ending off 2018. Some of these include putting a greater focus on our Rogers family, highlighting our hard workers across our divisions and teams and giving back to our local communities.

To start off December, we want to take a moment to specifically show how thankful we are for all of our women employees that make up a significant part of the Rogers family. We had the honor the last couple of weeks to set aside some time to get to know our Rogers female technicians a little bit better  –  how long they’ve been working for Rogers, their favorite thing about working for Rogers, etc.

This week, we had the honor to learn a little more about Luz Cabrera, one of our incredible female technicians. We wanted to take a second to share the incredible things that Luz’s colleagues had to say about her hard work ethic.

One states,

“Luz is a helper for us in the New Jersey area. She came to us after graduating electrical school. Luz never complains about work and I have never heard a bad report about her. Hopefully she keeps pushing forward within Rogers and can run a truck one day.”

Another says,

“Luz Cabrera is fairly new to the industry but is always eager to learn, not scared to get into something new, and is receptive to constructive criticism from her lead technician. She is always looking for ways to help and she asks questions of her more experienced coworkers when she needs more information.”


“Luz came to the district during the busiest season of the year, providing help on crucial projects for Home Depot and Lowes during those tight weeks. Luz is currently working on service calls with her lead technician and picking up on troubleshooting knowledge to add to the project skills she has already learned. She is always eager to keeping learning and working as hard as she can for Rogers and we’re so thankful to have her on board!”

We’re so proud of all of the hard work you put in with Rogers, Luz, and we can’t wait to watch  you grow within the company. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without hardworking employees like you making Rogers what it is. Thank you for taking time to let us in on your journey with us. We are so thankful for you.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.