Rogers Spotlight: Panagiotis Kefalas

Rogers Spotlight: Panagiotis Kefalas

Thankful Thursday is back this week with a special Intern Edition! In honor of our spectacular group of summer interns, we’d like to take the next few weeks to honor them and all of the great work they’re doing this summer at Rogers. In case you’ve missed the last few blog posts, the spirit of Thanksgiving inspired us back in November of last year and Rogers has decided to implement a weekly #thankfulthursday to show appreciation for all that we have to be thankful for throughout the year.

We’re especially thankful for our employees and their families that make up the Rogers Electric family. In this week’s installment, we would like to honor one of our dedicated interns, Panagiotis Kefalas.

Panagiotis (or Panos) is a recent graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. Panos graduated this spring with a degree in Power Engineering. I sat down with Panos last week to get some insight to his interest in Rogers and what he’s most looking forward to this summer in our Rollouts division.

So Panos, what peaked your interest in Rogers?

“The expertise of Rogers Electric in numerous project categories really sparked my interest in Rogers. Also, I’d say the core values that are shared by many of the successful members of the company across the board.”

I asked Panos what he’s most excited to learn at Rogers this summer…

“I think I’m most excited to learn project management methods, financial estimated techniques and effective communication in a professional corporate environment.”

We can’t wait to see you accomplish all of these things! Congratulations on your spotlight Panos, you more than deserve it and we’re excited to see all of the great things you accomplish with Rogers.

We’re proud to have you as a new member of the Rogers Electric Family!