Rogers Spotlight: Pete Napolitano

Rogers Spotlight: Pete Napolitano


Every week, we like to make a point to share all of the hard work our employees out in the field are putting in to make Rogers the success it is. This week, we have another extra special hand delivered #ThankfulThursday spotlight highlighting our technician, Pete Napolitano. Pete continues to show what he is willing to sacrifice to complete a job well done for this company every day. Our senior director of client services, Mike Polizzi, shared with us the hard work he has put in for one of our new clients. This new client was recently onboarded, and one of the first calls we received was due to a meter box being pulled off their building by a tractor trailer. The client gave Rogers the request to test our emergency capabilities, and boy were they happy they did. Pete responded quicker than the client expected and worked on site late into a Friday night to get the client’s generator hooked before they went into the busy weekend.

Here are some kind words Mike had to say about this hardworking tech:

“There was some miscommunication due to multiple parties involved, but Pete was never frazzled or frustrated and stayed focused on one thing and one thing only – HELPING THE CLIENT. With Pete’s focus and determination he was able to go the extra mile and WOW the client on the VALUE of Rogers. I want to thank Pete for being a great reflection of Rogers and closing the deal with this new client. “

We’re proud to have employees like Pete making Rogers what it is, and providing outstanding service to make our customers happy. Pete adds so much value to our team and we’re so appreciative of all of the hard work he puts in. We are also incredibly thankful for Mike reaching out and making sure the hard work this technician has put in is noticed by all.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.