Rogers Spotlight: Randall Colman

Rogers Spotlight: Randall Colman


Every week, we like to make a point to share all of the hard work our employees out in the field are putting in to make Rogers the success it is. This week, we have an extra special hand delivered #ThankfulThursday spotlight highlighting our technician, Randall Colman. Randall continues to show what he is willing to sacrifice to complete a job well done for this company every day. Randy’s dispatch manager, Ben Harre, shared with us the hard work he has put in for our New York district. Randy’s truck broke down on the side of the road on his way to his first job of the day about a quarter of a mile away. Without making a fuss or a scene, Randy walked to his first job, met with our customer, and completed it. Randy then coordinated a rental and a tow for his broken down vehicle and came to his dispatch manager with a problem that had already been solved, all while making sure his job was completed and our customer was happy.

Here is what his dispatch manager, Ben, had to say about this hardworking tech:

“Randy is a dedicated part of our team in New York, and today he went the extra mile. We’re grateful to have him with Rogers.”

We’re proud to have employees like Randall making Rogers what it is, and providing outstanding service to make our customers happy. Randall adds so much value to our team and we’re so appreciative of all of the hard work he puts in. We can’t wait to watch Randall continue to grow within the company.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.