Rogers Spotlight: Scott Flaata

Rogers Spotlight: Scott Flaata

Employee Spotlight

To continue into the New Year off with an extreme emphasis on our technicians around the country, we have had specific employees nominated by their managers for their outstanding performance working at Rogers. Our goal with each week’s Employee Spotlight is to showcase the hard work our team puts in day in and day out, most of the time just doing their job without expecting any kind of recognition. These specific and special techs are the kind of employees our HR Team works so hard to recruit, and with each new Employee Spotlight we get to share what an incredible job they are doing to bring in the brightest and best employees to the company. We are proud to have each and every technician who gets spotlighted on our team. We are excited to share how they are going above and beyond on a daily basis to not only do their job well, but to impact our customers and people within our community with their care, attentiveness, and hard work on job sites.

This week, one of our service electricians out of California, Scott Flaata, is being recognized for his hard work. Our HR Department sat down with Scott to get a little bit more insight on who he is outside of Rogers and what he loves about working for the company.

Where do you live?

My family and I live in Sacramento California

How long have you & your spouse been together? How did you meet?

My wife and I have been married for 7 years. We met online – I lived in Canada and she was from California. I moved down here to be with her and her family.

What ages are your children?

We have a daughter named Zoe who is 6, and a son named James who is 2.

What is your favorite vacation spot(s)?

I try to take my family back to Canada where I grew up as much as I can, but we also really enjoy going to Disneyland.

What’s your favorite family dinner?

My wife is an amazing cook and one of our favorite dinners is steak with a whiskey peppercorn sauce.

What does family mean to you?

What family means to me is really everything. I know that not just with the wife and kids, but also with the in-laws. We are very tight knit. Having the support and encouragement helps us all be able to live and grow in such a positive way. Even when my mom passed away back in Canada, everyone from California took the time to help and even go with me up there for support. Family really is incredible and more of a blessing then I ever thought possible.

Thanks for working hard and doing your job well, Scott. Congrats on your spotlight! We can’t wait to see how you continue to impact this company through the work you’re doing. Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.