Rogers Spotlight: Steve Harris

Rogers Spotlight: Steve Harris


Rogers is excited to continue through September with high expectations and strong intentions to continue into our busiest months. We’ve made it a goal this year to show as much appreciation as we possibly can to the employees who put in the work to make Rogers the success it is on a day to day basis. As always, our intentions throughout the year include showing how incredibly thankful we are for our employees, and continuing to give back to our local communities. To continue to show our employees just how much they mean to us, we want to set aside time every week to place an emphasis on all of our technicians out in the field that make up such a significant part of our Rogers family. Without our employees across the country working as hard as they do, Rogers would not be the success that it is today.

This week, our #ThankfulThursday is one of our very hardworking employees, Steve Harris. We learned specifically from Steve’s colleagues about the incredible work he has been doing for Rogers going constantly above and beyond on the job. Our President of Construction himself noted how hard working and reliable this technician has been.

One colleague said,

“Steve Harris is a foreman for Rogers that has been waiting on his next project at a store location in Mississippi to begin and for the last 7 weeks he has been going above and beyond between two Target stores helping out on job sites that were not his own – a project in Nebraska, and one in Wisconsin.”

Another says,

“Steve’s attitude and dedication is what makes Rogers the company that it is. We need 10 more guys just like him!”

Steve is “committed to meeting and EXCEEDING customer relationships.” Not only is Steve constantly doing the best work he can for Rogers, but he is consistently showing how much he cares about our customers and getting the job done well. Steve adds so much value to our team and we’re so appreciative of all of the hard work he puts in with Rogers. We can’t wait to watch Steve continue to grow within the company. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without hardworking employees like him making Rogers what it is.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.