Rogers Spotlight: Women in Construction Week

Rogers Spotlight: Women in Construction Week

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Rogers Spotlight: Women in Construction Week

Thankful Thursday is back kicking off the new year! Rogers has several intentions set for 2018. Some of these include putting a greater focus on our Rogers family, highlighting our hard workers across our divisions and teams and giving back to our local communities. The spirit of Thanksgiving inspired us back in November of 2016 and Rogers decided to implement a weekly #thankfulthursday to show appreciation for all that we have to be thankful for throughout the year.

We’re especially thankful for all of our women employees that make up a significant part of the Rogers family. In this week’s special installment, we would like to honor all of our incredible ladies. We sat down with several members of our female leadership team to discuss International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week.

Lindsey Schoultz, Vice President of Human Resources, grew up in this industry with her father, Lin Rogers, instilling in her a hard work ethic and a natural desire to learn all aspects of the business and inside the construction industry. She has seen many sides of the business in her 12 years in the industry. While beginning as a receptionist, transitioning from an assistant, recruiter as well as support center representative, Lindsey has developed a strong love for the industry and has developed a respect for all aspects.

“I love working in this industry because we get to see things made better every day. We get to take a project and watch it flourish from start to finish.”

Ami McBay, Vice President of Finance, joined Rogers back in 1993 and has seen consistent changes in the construction industry over the years that holds true with Roger’s motto of “Never a Dull Moment.” Ami, like Lindsey, has seen many sides of the business. After starting with an accounting position out of college, she’s worked in operations, software development, payroll and grown to her current position as Vice President of Finance.

She adds, “Seeing constant changes in a dynamic industry like construction nationwide is exciting, seeing the competition among markets and watching them survive in market downfalls tells a story.”

Krista Johnson, Director of Human Resources, also commented on the fast paced excitement this industry brings to the table and how it’s kept her on her toes for the past 9 years. Like her colleagues, she’s grown within the company after working every other position on her team. She discussed how important it is when leading a team in case back fill is needed when every day brings something new.

“I like the high intensity, fast paced construction environment. It always keeps me on my toes. It’s an industry that teaches you to quickly adjust strategies to meet industry demands.”

Katie Bennett, Procurement Manager, got her start in this industry 8 years ago after hearing positive feedback from another female Rogers employee. Katie also got first hand experience of different divisions within the company through the Business Development Program. She adds to the sentiment that the unexpectedness of the industry is something that she loves.

“I live for the unexpectedness in this industry… I typically get a lot of shocked faces when divulging that I work for an electrical contractor. That look of surprise… with a female working in a male dominated industry. That look is part of the reason that I do. Expect the unexpected.”

We’re incredibly proud and lucky to have each of you ladies and the rest of our Rogers women as very important members of the Rogers family!

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers Services family.