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Technology Based COVID-19 Safety Measures

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Businesses are getting creative to keep both their employees and customer as safe as possible during this pandemic. Not surprisingly, experts are saying technology will play a huge role in the future of protection against COVID-19. 

In this time of unknowns, businesses are willing to invest in new safety measures in the United States. In fact, Companies across all boards are adapting to new technologies. They are rolling out new standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure safety/sanitation for public health is a top priority. [i]

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Leveraging Tech Trends During Covid-19

One large example of how technology will play a role in stopping the spread of COVID is through Apple’s newest iOS update. [ii] This update includes a Bluetooth wireless technology. This detects when someone who downloaded the app has spent time near another app user who later tests positive for the virus. [ii] 

By Apple partnering with Google, it is easier for iPhone and Android phones to detect each other. Which in the past has been a pain point for both iPhone and Android users, as they work across national and regional borders. 

This update will slow the spread of COVID-19 with an “exposure notification” to users about virus carriers that may not quite yet be showing symptoms. [ii] The start of this partnership began in early May. It has been a work in progress in the last few months. Results are being recorded and effectiveness is being tracked as the app gains more exposure.

“User adoption is key to success and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these apps,” the companies said in a joint statement Wednesday. [ii]

Capabilities in the Current Environment

Leaders in communities across the country are encouraging others to leverage smartphone technologies to strengthen existing contact tracing efforts. [ii]

Another example of leveraging the use of technology during the pandemic is Apple’s new feature. Apple Watches are now tracking TikTok dances as a “workout” when gyms were closed. [iii] 

Apple Watches also now have a new handwashing feature tracking how long you’re washing your hands. They are encouraging more/less time with a little bit of “coaching” along the way to help stop the spread of germs. [iii]

Many of the trending technologies needed to combat COVID-19 in work environments are already being used in a general sense. Although, now they are specifically geared towards contact prevention and safety standards in the workplace. For example, there is a software that can digitally map out work zones to warn workers when they are in danger of violating social distancing rules and regulations being used in large warehouses. [iv] 

Another example is for trucking companies loading and unloading products for shipment. A company in Glen Rock, NJ uses an app from e4score called EZCheck-In which is designed to manage this specific issue: how can workers load and unload products with as little interaction with other people as possible?

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“When this thing hit, we looked at how to eliminate driver interaction at the warehouse, since we load 60-80 drivers from a warehouse in New Jersey each day. This software allowed us to cut out interactions,” says CEO Frank Matarazzo.

New Technology for Safety

Here’s the solution: technology. The app (EZCheck-In) connects drivers to office management allowing for loading information to seamlessly flow with little to no physical contact. 

The driver receives direction on where to back the truck into the loading dock. Then the app confirms when the truck is securely in place. Loaders then notify the driver when he is loaded and ready to go. The driver then uses the app to notify the loaders he is ready for takeoff.

Big players in the game that were tremendously affected by the COVID-19 outbreak like Disney Parks are designing processes to reopen as soon as possible. These processes include amplifying its cleaning protocol, raising cleaning standards in Disney owned hotels, training staff extensively on new COVID-19 prevention protocols, temperature checks for all guests, as well as required facemasks for all who enter the parks over the age of 2. [vi] 

On top of that, Disney is increasing the use of technology for their guests by sharing as much information as possible on the Disney Park app, promoting mobile orders, encouraging cashless payments, and online check-in. [vi]

Rogers Electric and Safety during Covid-19

Our world is currently in a constant state of change and businesses are constantly learning new ways to adapt to the state of public health. Some are relying on technology, others are relying on extensive sanitation to keep employees and customers safe. 

As managers and executives put all of their efforts towards keeping their spaces clean and efficient, it is our job to take their stress off of managing their facilities’ energy sources when it comes to electrical, lighting and other security measures backed by power. 

Rogers Electric’s number one priority is to help our customers in this time of need in a safe and productive manner, whether that be expanding warehousing to keep up with the influx of online shopping, keeping stores and facilities up and running, you name it. Head on over to Our Work page to see what we are up to in communities across the US.

Rogers Electric values workplace safety first. The safety of our commercial electricians and clients is our top priority. We pledge to pay close attention to all safety concerns surrounding covid-19 during this strange time. Our top priority is providing safe work environments.