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Rogers Electric’s Disaster Recovery Plan

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Planning for the worst may not seem the most optimistic, but being prepared is key. Extreme weather increasing emphasizes the importance of the electrical industry in aiding disaster recovery. The electrical industry actively restores normalcy and ensures the safety of communities after disasters strike.

Extreme Weather

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and snowstorms can damage power systems in our communities. Significant damage to a power grid can result in entire communities losing power. Proper preparation and disaster recovery response plans are essential to mitigate the risk of power failure.

Some individuals may simply view a power outage as an annoyance with no electric lights, device charging, or television. But people actively use electricity in daily life for water, heating, cooling, ventilation, waste management, infrastructure, and more. Neglecting proper care for power outages can actively pose significant dangers to a community. 83% of power outages in the United States are due to extreme weather. Weather-related power outages have increased by almost 80% since 2011.

Rogers Electric Plan

At Rogers Electric, we have a plan in place to prepare for any natural disaster that may come our way. Our plan includes both proactive and reactive electric service to any damage the disaster may cause to commercial buildings. 

If there is enough notice before a natural disaster hits, a selected team deals with the damages. This crew will stop by one of the Rogers Electric offices to pick up a hurricane kit. A kit includes the following: breakers, eyeline breakers (for generators), lugs, phasing tape, socket sets, Allen wrenches, rotation meter, flashlights, quick connects, nuts, bolts, washers, and other miscellaneous tools and items. 

Then, Rogers Electric sends several teams of technicians to the storm area to stay in hotels. They wait nearby to handle electrical emergencies. After the storm, half of the crew returns to their regular electrical maintenance and repair duties. But 2-3 other crews remain at these locations until the utilities are restored and they can disconnect them. 

gray swirl background with FEMA logo that says U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Rogers Electric is certified by FEMA as a first responder in national emergencies.
Source: ValdostaToday

FEMA certified Rogers as a first responder in national emergencies. We can gather local and regional teams of commercial electricians to assess damage, provide generator power, and fix emergency electrical issues. The unexpected is bound to happen and Rogers Electric is ready to fix any unexpected problems. All your facilities can reach out to one number 24/7/365 for any maintenance, repair or electrical need. Check out our services page to learn more. 


A microgrid, a small electrical network, autonomously controls its electricity use and production, typically serving a neighborhood or community. Incorporating features like batteries, local energy sources, or distributed energy resources such as solar or wind, it operates independently, even when connected to the main power grid.

These microgrids persistently supply electricity to homes and businesses during power outages in the main grid. Utilizing local resources, they ensure sustained power until the central grid is restored, offering a solution to bring electricity to rural areas without access to the main power grid.

picture of Microgrid control system - circle with solar panels, windmills, power lines, trees, and houses. The middle caption says "Active balancing among energy sources and energy-consuming devices." There are 3 other captions around a ring that say "Smart buildings, smart campuses, smart communities", "Ring bus- microgrid perimeter", and "Utility connection or interconnection".

Microgrids are electrical network systems used to manage electrical usage independently.
Source: Berkeley News
Smart Grids

Smart grids manage the transport of electricity from all electricity sources and networks, and may even have multiple microgrids within their framework. These grids use advanced technology to monitor and manage the electricity system, ensuring coordination among generators, operators, users, and stakeholders. 

Improving the efficiency of the electrical system is the main goal of a smart grid. This is achieved by reducing costs and minimizing environmental effects. Additionally, a smart grid aims to enhance reliability, flexibility, and stability. Smart grids improve efficiency and responsiveness of electricity networks, using different technologies to perform well in different situations.


Backup generators play a crucial role in maintaining smooth operations and mitigating emergency impacts during power outages. Investing in backup generators and disaster plans helps individuals and businesses during power outages. It also helps them avoid financial losses and ensures the safety and well-being of their communities. 

Rogers Electric can send teams to install generators quickly and efficiently. They can handle generators of any size, whether it’s planned or in response to an emergency. Please check out our Maintenance services to learn more. 

picture of dial with blue light that says Disaster Recovery Plan and hands that are changing it to Start from Stop

Establishing a disaster recovery plan is vital to ensure preparedness in the event of a disaster.
Source: Clifford Power

Extreme weather events happen more and more often, so the electrical industry needs strong plans for recovering from disasters. Rogers Electric stands ready to address these challenges head-on. Rogers Electric prepares for disasters and sends skilled teams with tools to handle electrical emergencies efficiently. 

We swiftly dispatch teams to assess damage, provide generator power, and resolve electrical issues during emergencies. This effort protects communities and restores normalcy. We prioritize safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Rogers Electric maintains its position as a trusted partner in disaster recovery strategy, offering tailored solutions to clients nationwide.