Chick-fil-A partnered with Rogers to upgrade their existing Open Fryers to accommodate Waffle Fries. Rogers’ skilled technicians seamlessly executed the project, starting with the removal and recycling of the old fryers. They meticulously ensured that the electrical circuitry was properly wired with the appropriate breaker size. The new fryers were programmed, filled, and promptly started up. With a dedicated two-person crew at each of the 290 locations, Rogers successfully completed the Henny Penny fryer upgrades with minimal challenges.

Depicted above are the new Henny Penny fryer upgrades installed by Rogers Electric.


To ensure smooth operations and maximum efficiency, Rogers meticulously planned each project timeline to be completed within a single night. They prioritized respecting Chick-fil-A’s working hours, swiftly entering and exiting each location. These upgrades spanned across 29 different states nationwide. Rogers’ proficient crew efficiently loaded the old fryers onto trailers or box trucks equipped with lift gates. They then located recycling centers in the vicinity to dispose of the fryers responsibly. With dedicated crews assigned specifically for this project, Rogers maximized efficiency as the undertaking progressed.