Chick-fil- A was ready to change out and upgrade their existing Open Fryers for Waffle Fries, and called on Rogers for the job. Our technicians removed the old fryers and took them away to be recycled, made sure that the circuit had the correct wire and breaker size, programmed, filled and started up the new fryer. At a total of 290 locations, with a 2 man crew at each location, Rogers completed these Henny Penny fryer upgrades with minimal challenges.


With each project timeline being 1 night, our crew made sure to get in and out of each Chick-fil-A location with respect to the store’s working hours in order to ensure continued operations and maximum efficiency. These projects took place across the country in a total of 29 different states. Our Rogers crew loaded the old fryers onto trailers or box trucks with lift gates and located recycle centers in the area. We were able to assign dedicated crews for this specific job, so we gained efficiency as the project progressed.

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