By positioning our resources geographically, we provide electric break and repair services anywhere in the US.

Maintenance Expertise

Our on-demand services, which are supported by our preventative maintenance, work to maintain a productive and comfortable work environment for you, while optimizing functionality and proactively cutting your costs. But because the unexpected is bound to happen, Rogers is ready to fix any unexpected problems as well. All your facilities can call one number 24/7/365 for any maintenance, repair or electrical need.

Reactive Maintenance

Our company provides electric break and repair services anywhere in the US. With 48 state licenses, a national fleet, and a national team of dispatchers and over 1000 technicians, we are able to offer highly skilled local professionals and guaranteed response times 24/7/365.


Rogers Electric is certified through FEMA to be a first responder in major national emergencies. We have the power to quickly and efficiently mobilize local and regional teams at a single location or across an entire region to provide damage assessment, generator power, and emergency electrical repairs for our clients.


Our team can provide a complete, engineered, turn-key solution for the installation of any size commercial or industrial generator in new, replacement and retrofit applications. Whether proactive or reactive approaches are needed, Rogers has the manpower to provide reliable electricity to your facilities to keep your businesses running and your clients happy.