RaceTrac embarked on a pilot project aimed at upgrading their locations with advanced coffee and kitchen equipment, all in the pursuit of delivering a cleaner and more customer-friendly experience. The objectives encompassed reducing spoilage, enhancing operational efficiencies, and improving product quality. For this endeavor, RaceTrac partnered with Rogers, a trusted choice capable of acting as a general contractor and overseeing the manpower, logistics, and electrical management aspects of the project. Rogers collaborated closely with the RaceTrac project team, coordinating various trades, equipment deliveries, vendor management, and execution strategies.

In their role as general contractor, Rogers undertook a comprehensive set of tasks to revamp the RaceTrac locations. They handled millwork and countertop replacements, demolition of existing electrical and plumbing infrastructure, installation of new circuits, water lines, and drainage systems to accommodate the additional equipment. Additionally, Rogers took charge of painting, patching, and replacing ceiling tiles as needed in each store. The team meticulously removed and disposed of old equipment, ensuring proper recycling practices were followed. Adhering to a stringent schedule, Rogers successfully completed each site within a remarkable timeframe of under two days. The project exhibited exceptional efficiency, with minimal site returns or rescheduling requirements throughout the entirety of the endeavor.

A closer look at the new Bean to Cup Machines pioneered at RaceTrac.


The scale of the project undertaken by Rogers was commendable, encompassing over 1,000 sites across four southeastern states. The journey began with the pilot placement and concluded with the mass installation of upgraded equipment in RaceTrac stores. Rogers’ ability to deliver consistent results and adhere to project timelines allowed for the seamless completion of the ambitious initiative. The successful collaboration between RaceTrac and Rogers resulted in a transformative upgrade across the RaceTrac locations, providing customers with an elevated experience and the company with improved operational efficiencies.