Home Depot Front End Transformation

Front End Transformation Projects or self-service POS projects provide a facelift to the point of sale and front entrance of retail stores. The front end of any given store is the only area 100% of shoppers pass through. The front end can alter revenues, while poorly managed and designed ones can be leaving significant money on the table. Home Depot understanding the importance of front-end design, tasked the Rogers team with providing facelifts to the front end of 500 of their stores in 9 months.

Rogers provided daily reports, material logistics and coordinated with multiple trades to provide the customer a single point of contact for all of the project needs. Specifically with self-checkouts, the Rogers team had to work with merchandising and data trade teams to help the Home Depot team better utilize their point-of-sale systems.

Front End Transformation captured at a Home Depot.


To ensure smooth operations and maintain efficiency throughout the course of the project, the project management team at Rogers maintained communication throughout the scheduling and completion of the 500 locations. With dedicated crews assigned specifically to Home Depot for this project, Rogers completed all locations on time and was able to ensure that every detail was at the highest quality. This gave the opportunity to Home Depot to merchandise their self-checkouts after completion. When utilizing your point of sale data to determine your primary demographic, you can then curate your front-end offerings to that demographic.