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What is Electrical Construction?

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When constructing a new building, what are some of the steps and processes that take place to ensure it functions properly? Electrical construction includes installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. For ground-up construction, there are three core phases: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.


In the pre-construction phase, the client and the architects communicate the concept of what the project will be. The key to a successful project is understanding exactly what the vision should be. This is also considered the design phase.

An electrical engineer will work with an architect to design an electrical system. This system should supply proper power to the whole building. This plan must also meet all the building codes and regulations required. 

Additionally in this process, the engineer must handle all the legal conditions of building a new site. This includes understanding the terms and conditions of the land sale, obtaining necessary permits, and complying with any zoning laws.  

The team should create a detailed plan to complete the job on time and within budget at the end of the pre-construction phase. This will include the scope of work, cost of material and labor, and an organized schedule. This step in the construction process is essential to ensuring that the project is successful.

3 rolled up blueprint paper on top of larger spread out blueprint
Electrical pre-construction includes planning, designing, and securing legal permission.
Source: Bryan Electric

In the construction phase of the process, construction crews will work with architects and engineers to make the vision come to life. First before starting on the structure of the building, the space where the construction will take place must be ready to go. Steps of this process include clearing the land, excavation, footings, constructing walls, and installing drainage.

Additionally, this is the step in the process where electrical wiring takes place. Construction project managers will ensure proper wiring throughout the frames, electrical boxes, and outlets.

This is the step in the process where the electricians are able to truly showcase their skills. Construction electricians need to be detail-oriented and have the capability to multitask. There are several different types of employees working on a construction job site that other commercial electricians do not see on a day-to-day basis. 

yellow digging crane truck lifting a pile up red dirt
Construction electricians will use construction equipment to make the vision come to life.
Source: Rogers Electric

Lastly, the third phase in the construction process is post-construction. Construction project managers will inspect the electrical work in the building and ensure it is functioning properly. They will then provide the client with documentation explaining the work accomplished. These electricians will also train the customer on how to operate and maintain the electrical systems put in place. 

Additionally, the construction crew must clean up the physical job site. They will also return all the equipment used during this process. The labor used for this project will move on to other construction projects during this time. 

Inspectors will conduct inspections to ensure that nothing is missed and that all safety protocols are met. All wiring for the building must work properly. Additionally, builders must also meet all building codes and regulations. This will be the final phase in the construction process. 

Why Electrical Construction is Important

Electrical construction is important for making sure buildings and infrastructure have reliable access to electricity. This is crucial for things like lights, appliances, and technology to work properly every day. Without good electrical construction, buildings wouldn’t have the power they need to function well.

Also, electrical construction helps keep people safe. When electricians install systems correctly, it reduces the chances of accidents like shocks, fires, and equipment breaking. They follow strict rules to make sure everything meets safety standards and avoids risks.

And, electrical construction makes buildings work better overall. Well-designed systems can save energy, cut costs, and make people more comfortable and productive. Electrical construction pros create places that work well and use energy wisely. They determine where lights go and how to properly spread power around.

Electrical construction is vital for powering modern life and making sure buildings and infrastructure are safe, efficient, and useful. All of the project phases of electrical construction are key to a successful project.  

construction of inside of building with wooden framework and open electrical panel
Electrical construction is important to making sure a building functions properly and safely.
Source: A to Z Electric
Construction Industry Trends

As of 2021, the construction industry employs 9.31 million people in the United States. The estimated job growth in this industry is expected to grow 4.01% in the next 10 years. Electricians make up about 6.44% of this industry. The construction industry has great potential for commercial electricians in the future.

In the electrical industry, 70.6% of electricians in the United States work in construction. The electrical contractors market is projected to grow at a rate of 3.94% from 2022 to 2028. Construction electricians can expect steady work in this field for the next couple of years.  Construction is also the highest paid industry for electricians and employs the most electricians. With that being said, electricians understand the importance of working in construction. As seen through the statistics, the work and money is available in this segment of business. 

Construction at Rogers Electric

Our pre-construction services focus on developing effective approaches to save time, money, and deliver results promptly and accurately. We provide innovative, value-saving solutions tailored to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s design/build, IPD/design-assist, or bid build. 

For new construction projects, we offer nationwide construction solutions in distribution, commercial, and retail sectors. Our construction operations teams work closely with customers from the beginning. We ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget, while prioritizing cost control, safety, and quality craftsmanship.

In remodels and tenant fit-outs, we excel at working in active facilities and retail environments. In return, we have built successful relationships with retail customers. We have done several construction projects with 

Our experienced electricians understand the balance between construction and operational needs. They pay attention to detail to ensure they complete work on schedule. We ensure that we do not disrupt daily business operations. 

Additionally, we specialize in special projects such as: EV charging infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cells, civil/government work, power redundancy/generator installations, and CNG refueling. All of these projects require innovative thinking and efficient execution. 

If you are looking for Electrical Construction providers, Rogers Electric is your one-stop shop for construction management. From conception to completion, we are able to get the job done. Check out our Construction page to learn more about the services we offer.