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Emerging Technology in the Restaurant Industry

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Emerging Technology in the Restaurant Industry

The past few years have been about recovering for the restaurant industry. That being said, the industry faced tough times only to learn how to innovate itself through it. Now, the food industry is prepared for anything, using technology to their advantage.

Traditional restaurant settings have been a staple for American culture. The pandemic of 2020 and creation of new technology has introduced quite a change to the restaurant industry. Will eating at a restaurant be a totally different experience in the near future? This is a real possibility due to the emerging tech in the restaurant industry.

Wherever the future is headed for restaurants, Rogers Electric is there to support as a helping hand for electrical installations and repairs. Our dedicated commercial electricians work to stay up to date with the trends so here is an update for you. Keep reading for the newest emerging technologies in the restaurant industry.


Emerging technology- Deliver Robots

Delivery Robots have been extremely popular in many college towns.

Source: ASU News

Automated Food Delivery

Self-driving delivery cars are indeed a thing. Emerging technology trends are pushing automation in all sectors, even restaurants. Automations are making processes quicker, more efficient, and smarter. 

Many college towns are making use of robotic delivery drivers. Starship, a brand dedicated to the automated delivery of food and goods, uses their robots to revolutionize the industry. They have completed over 5 million self driving food deliveries. Starship offers a cost and energy efficient solution to businesses looking to change how they do deliveries. 

Contactless Payment

As mentioned before, traditional restaurant industry settings are starting to look a lot different. Online and mobile orders are becoming more prominent because of companies like Doordash and Uber Eats.

Although, now the contactless market is expanding. Restaurants are investing in their own online and mobile ordering software. Companies see the importance of accessibility and ease when it comes to putting food on the table. 

These systems can be integrated with a restaurant’s standing POS system, making the ordering and delivering process more accessible than ever. This will also help managers and owners to track revenue coming in from these systems. Integration is easy, the hard part is installation of point of service systems. This is where companies should track down experienced commercial electricians that can fit big projects into small time-frames.


Reservation Software

Management of reservations is now made easy with software systems.

Source: Resy 

Online Reservation Software

One thing that is quickly emerging in the restaurant industry is reservation making software. This makes things easier for the consumer as well as the business. With challenges in obtaining restaurant labor, this software gets the job done when it comes to making reservations.

This software keeps track of wait times, table selections and more. It is a solution to the shortage of staff at busy restaurants. This all in all makes processes easier for consumers and restaurants.

Digital Kitchen Board and Displays

What is a digital kitchen board, you ask? It is an innovation created to make the cooking/serving process more efficient and effective. 

This innovation streamlines the ordering and eating process. Servers can leave their notepads at home with this one. They can now enter orders directly into their POS system, where they can flag importance and track how long an order takes. This helps servers keep track of where their orders are at and updates them on wait time. 

This system also backlogs orders and keeps track of kitchen inventory. Allowing for managers and owners to know where their supply is in real time. Looking to streamline your ordering process?

Rogers Electric commercial electricians can install systems like these in short timeframes. Efficiency is everything in today’s  world, keep up with the fast paced environment by installing systems like digital kitchen boards.

Flippy Robot

Flippy is a robot created to help with the frying process in commercial settings.

Source: Miso Robotics

Kitchen Automation and Artificial Intelligence

With the effective labor shortage in the restaurant industry, businesses are looking to make things easier for the staff they do have. Prep kitchen automation is emerging as a tool to make the preparation process for kitchen staff much more efficient.

Miso Robotics has come out with a number of these innovations to assist the industry shortage. One of these robots being “Flippy”, a modular frying robot. Flippy is automated to help with the frying process, especially in fast food restaurants. 

Flippy has been shown to fry foods 2 times faster than by human hands. Restaurants have seen massive ROI’s with products like this. This technology helps to make the dining experience more efficient.


Rogers Electric is Here to Assist Emerging Technology

The restaurant industry faced a difficult few years. Though, now the industry is beginning to stand tall once again. This is due to new emerging technology. With the help of the emerging trends in restaurant tech, restaurants are adjusting to a different and modern world. 

Though tech is constantly evolving, we will remain as reliable and helpful as we always have. Learning with the times but maintaining our core values, Rogers Electric can be your business’s rock when it comes to keeping up.  Whether looking for electrical installations for new POS systems or digital menu boards, our commercial electricians have years of experience behind them to keep your business going. 

As the nation’s largest electrical and lighting provider, we know how to get the job done right. Visit our projects to check out the work we have done to support emerging trends.