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Job Security in the Skilled Trades

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Is the age of skilled trades coming to an end? Here at Rogers Electric, we say, absolutely not. 

Skilled trades have long been a considerable career path, but younger generations hold a distorted view on skilled trade positions. As they enter the workforce with a modern perspective, their career aspirations differ from those of older generations. 

The commercial electrician career path has a positive outlook but we must work to market it to younger generations.

Hiring commercial electricians is becoming more difficult at Rogers Electric by the day due to the decreasing aspirations for skilled trades. Why have skilled trades lost their attraction when they are frequently some of the most stable and fulfilling careers? How can we help the industry when hiring commercial electricians?

Electrician working on an electrical install inside a warehouse.

Rogers Electric commercial electrician at work.
Image Source: Rogers Electric

Commercial Electricians, plumbers, and construction workers are just some of the careers that are considered skilled trades. Careers like commercial electrician work is a practical approach to joining the workforce straight out of high school. Companies like Rogers Electric are hiring electricians so that they can train them with their own applications. For those looking to earn money quicker and save money on additional schooling, skilled trades are the perfect path for them.

We must figure out the key benefits of skilled trade jobs that withstand the current mindset of future career holders. We will explore the key benefits of pursuing a skilled trade out of high school or vocational school. 

Photo of lighting installation inside a warehouse.

Modern energy solutions introduced in warehouses.
Image Source: AltEnergyMag

Increasing demand for energy for modern technology is producing a steady demand for skilled commercial electricians. With growth in the country’s infrastructure, the need for construction projects is on the rise as well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrician jobs are projected to grow 7 percent in ten years. On average, around 80,000 electrical job openings are expected each year. The overall demand for these skilled trades will only increase at an exponential rate due to advancements in society.  

Demand for the trades will continue to rise but how will younger generations begin to consider them as viable career paths? A huge benefit of choosing a skilled trade out is the money saved on additional schooling straight out of high school. Pursuing a career path like a commercial electrician can potentially save tremendous amounts of money for a job seeker.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, on average traditional four-year university tuition costs around $40,000. Vocational schools typically cost a lot less and are a smaller time investment. They allow students to start their skilled trades career much earlier when leaving school.

Students at a vocational school working on electrical tasks.

Vocational/trade schools are a perfect choice for those with a practical world view.
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The trades offer fulfilment with the knowledge that a tradesman’s work is practical and there is evidence of change within it. Many modern careers offer unfulfilling tasks that leave those feeling stuck or disconnected from the world around them. Skilled trades offer a different type of employment. 

Tradesmen begin their work with a purpose and leave their work feeling a sense of purpose. With hands-on training opportunities graduates can explore the purposeful work that is present in skilled trade jobs

At Rogers Electric, we recognize the importance of skilled trade jobs, particularly commercial electricians. Stability and fulfilment are the goals that we strive to help our technicians obtain. Hiring technicians regularly, we place value on our employees and provide them with the training and support they need to succeed. 

In addition to competitive pay and benefits, working as a commercial electrician at Rogers Electric offers a sense of purpose. Knowing that your work plays a crucial role in the world around us offers that purpose. Join us at Rogers Electric to start an exciting career where you can take your learned expertise and apply it. Join our commercial electrician programs and apply it to real world situations.

If interested in achieving a successful career in the trades connect with us today!  We are hiring electricians here at Rogers Electric weekly!