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Powering Up Future Electricians

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Why Become a Future Electrician?

After finishing high school, teenagers face a big decision: figuring out their future careers. For many, setting their sights on becoming a future electrician offers a promising start with the proper support. There are many reasons why becoming an electrician is a great career choice for recent high school graduates. Electricians are responsible for installing, fixing, and maintaining electrical systems in homes, businesses, and more. 

So, what should a future electrician consider?

Potential Great Pay

One of the best things about being an electrician is the chance to earn a decent income. Unlike most other careers, electricians have the potential to earn great pay without earning a college degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the typical yearly salary for electricians in 2022 was approximately $60,240

Moreover, as electricians gain more experience, they have the opportunity to earn more pay. They can also pursue additional certifications that can further boost their earning potential. Plus, electricians can often work overtime or get better-paying jobs to boost their incomes.

backside of two Rogers Electric employees in yellow safety vests with hard hats looking at electrical panel

High school students have the potential to earn great pay by becoming a future electrician.
Source: Rogers Electric
Job Security

Job security is a top concern in today’s society. With the ongoing construction boom, electricians’ skills are in high-demand. From 2022 to 2032, electrician employment is expected to grow by 6%. Fortunately, for those considering a career as an electrician, job security is a reality.

Moreover, the nature of electricians’ work allows them to have work even when the economy is suffering. While certain industries may have job insecurity during periods of economic instability, electrical services are always in demand. Whether it’s installing wiring in new construction projects or repairing electrical systems in existing structures, electricians are always needed even in challenging economic times.

Interesting Work Environment

Becoming an electrician is a career choice based on merit, which opens the door to a wide range of possibilities to grow. With a hard working attitude, there are many opportunities for growth and advancement. These include environments such as, but not limited to, commercial, residential, and industrial. 

As electricians gain experience and expertise in their field, they often have the chance to take on more challenging projects, lead teams, or specialize in niche areas. This could include areas such as renewable energy installations or smart home technology. This diversity in career paths ensures that electricians are constantly engaged and motivated.

Electricians are held in high respect for their expertise and essential role in keeping homes, businesses, and infrastructure running smoothly. Knowing that their work helps keep homes and businesses running smoothly can give electricians a sense of pride.

backside of electrician with Rogers safety vest and hard hat leaning over and looking into electrical panel

The demand for electricians is strong because of their skills and expertise.
Source: Rogers Electric
Making a Positive Impact 

Electricians also make a difference in their communities and the environment. They contribute to the greater good by ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical systems that power our daily lives.By installing things like solar panels or upgrading old systems, electricians help make buildings more energy-efficient and safer. By embracing the challenges and responsibilities of the profession, electricians have the power to create positive change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Great Physical Activity

For those who like being active and using their hands, electrical work is perfect. Climbing ladders, lifting equipment, and seeing a project through from start to finish can be really rewarding. 

backside of electrician in yellow safety vest in a lift working on lights

The work of an electrician often requires great physical activity.
Source: Rogers Electric

Electricians thrive in dynamic work environments that offer a blend of technical challenges and hands-on tasks. From troubleshooting electrical systems to installing cutting-edge technology, every day presents new and interesting opportunities to flex your skills in a different way. Electricians are also able to see a project from conception to completion. 

Getting Started

To become an electrician, many people start by going to trade school. Trade schools offer specialized programs designed to provide knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field. On average, the debt for trade school is only about $10,000, compared to the massive debt that can be accumulated from a four-year college degree. This affordability makes trade school an attractive option for individuals seeking a more practical and cost-effective route to achieving their career goals.

To start getting real world experience, young electricians have the option to enroll themselves in apprenticeship programs. Unlike traditional college paths, this offers a more hands-on approach to learning, allowing you to gain valuable experience while earning a living wage. Apprenticeships offer a supportive and nurturing environment where aspiring electricians can receive mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals. 

This mentorship plays a crucial role in shaping the future success of apprentices, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their chosen profession. Additionally, apprenticeship programs often include opportunities for networking and professional development, allowing participants to build connections within the industry and lay the foundation for a successful career.

In summary, an electrician career route is a great way to power up the futures of young high school graduates entering into the workforce. There is a consistent need for these skill sets in the economy that will provide job security for life. At Rogers Electric, we want to make these dreams a reality for future electricians. Check out our careers page to learn more about kick starting your new electrician career.