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The Role of Tech in Commercial Electrical Systems

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New technologies have brought about a revolution in commercial electrical systems. As a result, they are transforming the way we consume energy. 

With energy management and automation, our nation has witnessed mass changes in energy. Tech has changed the commercial world as we know it. 

It is important that we pair knowledgeable experts with innovative technology to produce extraordinary outcomes. Rogers Electric commercial electricians and new tech is a match made in energy-saving heaven! Let’s take a look at the technological pairings that have, by all means, transformed the energy industry.

Complex energy management systems used in commercial settings across the nation.

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Energy Management Systems

Cloud-based energy management systems are on the rise in commercial settings. These electrical systems can control all energy usage across multiple cites. They provide key performance indicators to inform companies on their energy usage.

Commercial buildings equipped with energy management systems use sensors to optimize energy consumption. These systems use real time data to measure, monitor and improve energy consumption processes.

With the use of building automation systems, companies can adjust their energy usage based on KPIs provided. Ultimately EMS helps manage the energy that is necessary in that current moment. Advising for some energy to remain unused depending on factors.

Combining cloud-based software and installation of energy efficient lighting/charging will cut costs for businesses. Installation is the first step to saving, commercial electricians understand that energy shouldn’t require an entire budget.

Predictive maintenance is becoming a mainstream form of tech.
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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance tools use data and machine learning to predict equipment failures before they happen. It is the most advanced form of maintenance we currently have.

Predictive maintenance uses data to fix the problem before it has happened. This is often confused with preventative maintenance. Instead, preventative maintenance sets scheduled check-ups without predictive tech.

Predictive maintenance is necessary for those looking to get ahead of the sometimes inevitable issues. Accordingly, it is necessary for large areas that require a lot of energy consumption. Distribution centers and large retailers can greatly benefit from these electrical systems.

Success rates of these systems are extremely high. For instance, most businesses will see maintenance costs reduced by 30% within short timeframes. This is due to the reduction of breakdowns and in-turn, reduced downtime for repairs. This can save long-term costs.

Electricians and Predictive Maintenance

By identifying signs of wear and tear, businesses can proactively schedule maintenance. Rogers Electric commercial electricians stand by technologies like these. Predictive maintenance can save money and time for any business, no matter the industry.

Commercialized EV Infrastructure

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, commercial businesses are adding EV charging infrastructure into their electrical systems. Generally, smart charging stations are most common in parking lots, garages, and warehouses.

These stations can monitor charging sessions, manage electricity distribution, and even integrate with energy management systems.

Warehousing and distribution centers can benefit from charging infrastructure. Electric forklifts and other industrial machines are on the rise. Innovative charging infrastructure has continued to be used as demand grows.

Labor costs for EV infrastructure are relatively low. Once installed by a commercial electrician, need for maintenance is less common than maintenance for gas stations. This leads to a higher return on investment in commercial settings.

Rogers Electric and New Tech

Commercial electricians are at the head of new tech. After all, cutting costs are of the utmost importance and the technologies help businesses do so. Connecting these innovations  with experienced commercial electricians will certainly guarantee savings. Nevertheless, Rogers Electric offers the installation of these electrical systems as well as other energy efficient technologies.

With the help of commercial electricians, installations can support an influx of these new technologies. Combining the expertise of Rogers Electric commercial electricians as well as new tech can reduce your costs. Call on Rogers Electric today at