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Top Trends Retailers Must Embrace 2022: The Supply Chain

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It’s no surprise that as we’ve focused on retail trends for 2022, we’ve also highlighted the post-Covid world. As well as the permanent changes we are seeing in all levels of Retail. In fact, it seems like it’s all we’ve talked about since March of 2020. So, it’s no surprise that the final trends that all retailers must embrace focus on one of the most impacted pieces of any business: supply chain.

Until recently, supply chain has been an ugly, underfunded piece of retail. But nothing has illuminated its importance quite like the pandemic. We could all agree that no one was prepared for a global hit of any kind. 

A recent paper by FTI’s Christa Hart, Ron Scalzo, and Matt Garfield stated. “Retailers had designed their supply chains to address predictable and specific challenges but had not adequately invested and undergone the end-to-end structural transformation necessary to become truly agile.[i]

But the supply chain industry hasn’t thrown in the towel yet. They’ve continued to take forward strides and have worked endlessly to come up with solutions. All for a functioning world of social commerce:

Not Your Father’s Retail Fulfillment Center


Micro Warehouses & Last Mile Logistics

Faster and more efficient last-mile logistics has allowed in-person and online businesses to cater to the demand for deliveries. It has also helped relieve some of the fulfilment congestion in urban areas. 

The retail market continues to further integrate their online and in-person presence. Now, we can only predict that micro warehousing will continue to grow in popularity. [ii]

3PL and 4PL services

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global 3PL market is expected to reach $1.1 TRILLION in the next six years. These companies are a huge component in properly utilizing last mile warehouses. Their all-in-one model is cost-effective, quick, and efficient. [iii]

Micro-fulfillment Albertsons

Automation & Technology

There is an increased demand for online shopping, a growing shortage of labor and technological advances. Therefore, companies are forced to incorporate AI and AR into their processes. And while we don’t expect the need for human labor to disappear any time soon. Business strategies will be having robots and humans continue to work side by side. [iv]

These three trends are just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re certainly three of the most prominent trends we’ve seen in the past year. We at Rogers Electric are excited to see how the supply chain continues to grow and change…. And you know we’re not just going to sit on the sidelines for this! 

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