Trackman Range

Ever wondered how professional golfers analyze their game as we watch it live? Stats like club speed, ball speed, curve, landing spin… how do they know in real-time what to improve? In 2022, Trackman Range and the PGA Tour teamed up to change how players of all levels enjoy the game. By using Trackman’s advanced tracking solutions, viewers get top-notch access to real-time data for every swing. 

We are excited about Trackman Range’s success. Rogers Electric hopes to help expand this experience to more golf courses in the US. Our team of electricians will help make this possible! By using Trackman’s advanced tracking solutions, viewers get top-notch access to real-time data for every swing.

Trackman Range bay area with touch screens on outdoor driving range.
All bays fully equipped with TrackMan Range and large touch screens.
Source: Trackman Range

So far, Rogers has powered the experience at ranges in North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan and Georgia. By the end of the year, we will have also serviced locations in California, Oregon, and Florida.

Because no two golf courses are the same, each installation requires extensive pre-panning. Engineers radar map each range and design its layout to capture every data point when a ball is hit. When planning, consider factors like size, landscape, touch screens, and coverage area.

When the Rogers Electric team goes in, the end goal is to make it look as if we were never there. We first install Cat6 network cable as well as 120v of power that ties back to one cabinet in the pro shop.

Rogers Electric technician pulling wire from Pro Shop to power simulators on driving range.
Rogers Electric technician pulling wire from pro-shop to power the radar on range.
Source: Rogers Electric

The cabinet puts out a dedicated signal to the range and powers all touchscreens and radars. The Rogers team places the radar in the center of the range. They then lay 2,000 feet of conduit and wire in the trenches. Rogers Electric is responsible for trenching, laying of conduit, and placing pedestals with touchscreens. From start to finish, installation can take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks to complete and require two to four technicians.

As said by all golfers, there is never a bad day on a golf course. Same applies when you are getting to work on some of the most beautiful courses in the country! Rogers Electric recently installed the Trackman Range platform at the Conway Farms Golf Club just near Chicago. This course hosts a number of PGA Events and is home to several of the Chicago Bears’ players. 

Rogers Electric is happy to partner with Trackman Range and help power their unique platform. We are excited about the success of Trackman Range. We want to bring this experience to more golf courses in the US and our team of electricians will help us with the expansion. Interested in learning more about Trackman Range and finding a course near you?

Finished Trackman Range outdoor simulator.
Completed Trackman Range outdoor simulator.
Source: Colin Glen

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