Solar Manufacturer

One of the largest and well-known providers of clean and sustainable energy solutions is expanding its presence in Georgia. Headquartered in South Korea and Germany, the global manufacturer is now expanding their reach to the United States. They are committed to building a complete and sustainable solar supply chain.

The company offers solutions for clean energy in residential, commercial/industrial, and utility sectors. They currently offer solar panels, home energy storage, as well as energy management. In 2024, they will be launching two new products that will further showcase their commitment to clean energy.

Inside facility with equipment.
Inside facility where production of solar modules is executed.
Source: Rogers Electric

In 2019, they opened the largest solar module factory in the Western Hemisphere in Dalton, Georgia. The company has continued to grow specifically in Georgia because of its focus on innovation, technology, and business-friendly environment. 

The company is opening a new location in Georgia, which will create 2,500 new jobs. They expect to produce 8.4 gigawatts of solar energy per year. What does that mean? Between its three Georgia locations, there will be enough energy to power at least 1.3 million homes annually! All of that energy requires an influx of power, and that’s where the Rogers Electric team of experts comes in! 

Going down as Rogers Electric’s largest combined project in history, this incredible project that lasted over several years is now complete. With Rogers Electric’s national manpower, we were able to lead the charge on the electrical scope with 150 electricians at its peak. Thanks to our skilled team, we were able to efficiently complete the 843,000 square feet facility in Cartersville, GA. 

With a site this size, the Rogers team divided and conquered to maximize on resources and time. The Site Team installed over two miles of duct bank, which lodges roughly 230,000 ft. of medium voltage wire that provides power to the entire campus.

Roger's technicians outside digging trenches during the construction phase.
Rogers Electric electricians digging trenches to bury conduits with wire.
Source: Rogers Electric

Simultaneously, the Module Team installed over 3,000 ft. of busway in the processing area. This allowed the owners to come in weeks ahead of schedule and begin the manufacturing process of solar modules.

The Rogers team installed 250 panels and transformers to power over 400 pieces of equipment in the building. This project involved placing 122,000 feet of 5-inch pipe in the facility to provide power to all areas of the plant. This will allow them to produce over 16,000 solar modules a day in the Cartersville facility alone.

A man doing final checks on brand new solar panel.
Final checks being conducted of newly produced solar module.
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The company is focusing its energy (pun intended) on new products that push the market towards the next generation of solar. They commit to creating sustainable and renewable energy products designed for large-scale use. The new expansion in Cartersville aims to help the southeast shift resources to renewable energy creation and preservation. 

Due to the scale and success of this project, the Rogers Electric construction team is creating an extensive quality assurance and quality control program. Quality assurance are the standards and processes put into place at the beginning of the project. Quality control will be maintaining and executing those standards and processes through final completion.  We will use this in future projects to set standards and create processes that ensure quality exceeds expectations

Rogers Electric and Gray Construction helped the production plant prevent over 12 million metric tons of CO2 in one year. This is a significant achievement and it shows their commitment to clean energy solutions. Rogers is proud to be at the forefront building infrastructure for made-in-America energy solutions.

Inside facility with equipment that manufacturers solar modules.
Pipes with wiring inside powering equipment in the Cartersville facility.
Source: Rogers Electric

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