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2023 Electrical Trends: Commercial Electricians

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The electrical industry is constantly changing in terms of electrical technology. How do we maintain this change as a labor force? 2023 brings new technologies that require more energy. These trends in technology can affect safety, efficiency and more. 

Rogers Electric is here to adapt to the growing technology changes in the electrical industry.

Electrical Trend #1: Retail IPS Systems

In store navigation on a cellular device.

Navigation systems in retail establishments are quickly evolving.
Source: Pointr

Stores can be tricky to navigate these days so retailers have come up with a solution. Many retail stores are implementing store navigation systems that help them track customer traffic and propose targeted suggestions. 

Target is an example of a retailer that has adeptly implemented this in their stores. Specifically, Target utilizes Bluetooth IOT lighting systems, with strategically positioned Bluetooth beacons adorning their store layout.

In practical terms, the Bluetooth system serves a dual purpose. It aids shoppers in effortlessly navigating the sales floor while simultaneously furnishing the company with invaluable insights into customer movements within the store. These highly efficient systems are meticulously automated to heighten customer satisfaction and augment sales performance.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that the installation of such intricate systems demands considerable labor. As a result, there’s an escalating demand for proficient commercial electricians who can expertly bring these innovative setups to life.

Electrical Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence on Power Grids

The power of AI is taking over the world. Automated warehouse and distribution systems were just the start of the takeover. Making energy production as efficient as possible is the goal in 2023 and AI has made this possible in many ways. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is able to reduce energy waste and energy expenses. AI used in the energy sector promotes the advancement of clean energy sources within global power grids. 

In the United States, AI integration is revolutionizing grid management systems. Real-time optimization becomes achievable through AI’s intervention. With fluctuating weather and grid conditions, AI adeptly predicts changes to fine-tune energy output.

This electrical trend reverberates globally and often sparks controversy. The installation of these innovative systems necessitates human labor. Anticipating the need, commercial electricians are poised to counterbalance the AI surge.

Smart power grid using energy.

Power grid AI is an emerging electrical technology.
Source: Thomasnet

Electrical Trend #3: Artificial Intelligence in Inventory Management Systems 

Inventory management systems are in full demand in the world of ecommerce. As we know, databases and computers run these systems to keep track of inventory. Though these are automated, there are still many mistakes made on inventory floors. 

So, how do businesses enhance the efficiency of their systems? Artificial Intelligence holds the power to forecast real-time requirements of items, leveraging consumer buying patterns. AI’s predictive capabilities streamline tasks, expediting processes and ensuring heightened efficiency for these systems. The energy-intensive nature of warehouse systems will be addressed through AI integration, rendering them more cost-effective.

Electrical Trend #4: Influx of EV Charging Stations

The substantial growth of charging stations is an electrical trend that has been consistently observed since the inception of electric vehicles. Notably, the U.S. still lacks a nationwide network of public charging stations. As the popularity of electric vehicles surges in the marketplace, both private and public entities will need to step up and provide diverse charging options.

Furthermore, in the past year alone, the sales of electric vehicles soared to an impressive 10 million. This upward trajectory is expected to continue, with projections indicating a climb to 14 million by 2023. This surge necessitates the involvement of proficient commercial electricians. Given that the installation of these charging stations presents both challenges and intricacies, a high level of expertise is indispensable.

Rogers Electric Combatting the Trends

In this landscape, Rogers Electric’s team of commercial electricians stands out. They not only keep up with the evolving world but also proactively adapt and advance. As technology propels forward, the demand for installation services is poised to escalate even further. The seasoned commercial electricians at Rogers Electric possess a wealth of knowledge and skill, ensuring their ability to tackle the task at hand. To gain insights into our continuous adaptation in this ever-changing industry, we invite you to visit us.