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Emerging Technology in the Retail World

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In the realm of retail, new technologies are revolutionizing our experiences, making them faster and better. It’s indisputable that the pandemic has brought seismic changes to the retail industry. The reality is that our digital and modern worlds are becoming more intertwined by the day. With more technology, electricians face an increased demand for their services due to the greater need for electricity. At Rogers Electric, we are here to make these innovations become reality. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has played a key role in this transformation of retail trends. AI revolutionizes operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences, and facilitates data analytics. The reliance on AI in the electrical industry has spurred an increased demand for electrical infrastructure. By 2027, companies will deploy 1.5 million AI servers yearly, consuming 85.4 terawatt-hours of electricity. The demand for commercial electricians is surging to meet the needs of this growing demand. 

Personalization & In-Store Experiences

With AI and machine learning advancements, retailers can offer personalized shopping experiences by customizing product suggestions and content to fit individual preferences. The ultimate aim is to facilitate a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, known as an omnichannel retail strategy. This strategy uses digital and physical touch points in a store to improve the user experience. Such touch points include, but are not limited to, point-of-sale (POS) systems, in-store digital signage, and geotargeting. 

A personalized POS system in the future will be able to capture and retain data about a returning customer. The customer will then be able to log into their membership account through the POS system. It will also pull up their purchase history, proof of purchase, and online shopping cart. All of this information can be edited from online or an app. 

The company will use this information to curate personalized advertisements. Collecting data like this will enhance a customer’s buying journey. The more a business can get to know their customer, the better their relationship will be. 

This same system can be used for digital signage throughout a store. Using other customer data such as their personal purchase history, demographics and location, digital signage can deliver personalized messages, recommendations, and promotions. In fact, 71% of consumers now expect personalized interactions from brands. Brands that do personalize their advertisements tend to see up to 40% more revenue compared to those that don’t. 

Commercial electricians will install and maintain systems like the POS and digital signage. By doing this, electricians contribute to creating engaging and personalized in-store experiences that drive customer satisfaction and increase revenue for businesses. Rogers Electric has a wide range of expertise in installing special projects like this.  

picture of hand touching a retail POS system with blue, green, black, and yellow squares

POS Systems are becoming more personalized with AI Technology.
Source: Grubbrr 

Additionally, retailers are also reinventing themselves with in-store experiences like augmented reality fitting rooms. These virtual reality fitting rooms allow their customers to “try on” outfits without taking off any clothes. The shopping experience has heightened with this technology. This allows customers to ask questions, find the correct size, checking for available inventory all through virtual features. 

Electricians play a crucial role in setting up augmented reality fitting rooms by supplying the necessary power, lighting, and data. This technology enhances the user experience and fills in gaps where sales associates may lack support. Augmented reality fitting rooms may become the norm in the future. Clearly, commercial electricians will need to be ready for this shift to keep up with the trends. 

woman in white dress standing in front of augmented reality fitting room screen trying on a purple blazer dress. In a room with a couch and wooden wall and mirror

Augmented reality fitting rooms are the new current trend in the retail industry.
Source: TrendHunter

Geotargeting (geofencing) is a strategy that uses a customer’s location and consumer data to create personalized marketing messages tailored just for them. The AI-algorithms work to understand the user by processing all of their consumer history, historical location data, and real-time information to make accurate predictions based on their current location. 

Geotargeting is a software that uses GPS, RFID, Wi-fi, or cellular data that creates a virtual boundary. When users step within this geographic boundary, the system sends a tailored marketing advertisement or message directly to their device. This message will be delivered directly to the consumer’s phone through social media. Electricians will be responsible for installing the electrical software needed to use this type of technology.  

map of navy blue city with orange dots dispersed throughout the different blocks to showcase geotargeting

Advancements in AI have evolved geotargeting to a new level.
Source: iSmart

With these strategies, we see that customers spend more, brand focus grows stronger, and there is a better brand to customer relationship. With the proper electrical technology, organizations employing omnichannel retail strategies predict a minimum 20% uplift in total revenue.

Shoppers are looking for more of a personalized experience. Their smartphones are able to analyze their shopping history and tailor advertisements that match their needs and wants. With technology evolving, customers will be able to have this experience in a brick-and-mortar store as well. The future of emerging technology in the retail world will entail a hybrid of these two worlds. 

Electricians can help make AI technology possible by installing the electrical equipment. Rogers Electric is dedicated to providing electrical work and service that best satisfies the current trends in the retail market. To check out more work that we can do in this area, please check our Projects tab on our website.