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Navigating Remote Society with Electricity

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In an era defined by the pursuit of convenience, our society is undergoing a transformative shift towards increased remoteness. Because of our technological advancements, we view the world and interact with one another differently than ever before. Not surprisingly, electricians play a crucial role in making this possible. 

At Rogers Electric, we embrace the challenge of living in an ever-changing environment. Finding new ways that our electricians can be of value to society is our forte. Commercial electricians are the ones that design, install, and maintain electrical networks that enable these technological advancements.Is our increasing distance from traditional social interactions a pro or a con? From an electrician’s point of view, it could be considered a wide window of opportunity. 

Drive-Thrus: Illuminating Efficiency

What’s more convenient than not having to exit your car? After COVID-19, 64% of people won’t eat inside restaurants if there’s a drive-thru option. In fact, more and more restaurants have noticed this and do not even offer dine-in seating anymore. Many rely just on drive-thru sales only- and it seems to be working. 

Drive-thrus are efficient systems that are heavily reliant on electrical infrastructure. From vehicle detection loops, to order-processing equipment, to digital menu boards: electricians are your go-to contacts. Drive-thru is not only about fast service, but also shows how electricians bring convenience to life. Almost every aspect of a drive thru requires electricity to power it up. 

Additionally, select drive-thru locations have started using AI. While this technology may take the place of human labor, it will need an electrician’s assistance to get it installed. Even despite the trend of technology taking over jobs, an electrician’s skill sets are irreplaceable. With the future of fast food experiences being overruled by drive-thrus, the work for an electrician will never be over. 

At Rogers Electric, we offer a wide range of services from projects to electrical break and repair. We are your one-stop service provider. We will install your drive-thru system with precision and efficiency and then be consistently available for any electrical break and repair services in the future. Our dedication to our clients to be a one-stop business ensures that Rogers Electric is a company you can rely on for both proactive installations and reactive support. 

drive thru sign with brown border and palm trees in background

Electricians are the architects behind the scenes at any and every drive thru.
Source: NCR
Self-Checkout: Empowering Autonomy

40 years ago, self-checkout lanes were not popular, but now they make up 38% of US grocery stores. But it’s not stopping there. In 2021, a survey by The Food Industry Association found that 96% of American retailers have self-checkout. No matter where you turn, it seems that there is a self-checkout option available nowadays. 

Consequently, 60% of consumers prefer to use self-checkouts if they are an option. Acknowledging and responding to this demand, major retailers like Walmart are incorporating self-checkouts into their spaces, with 4.7 installations for every 10,000 square feet in their stores.

In this era of emerging technologies, commercial electricians play a crucial role as the experts called upon to install these self-checkout systems. As human interaction diminishes, the demand for these technological solutions grows, widening the scope of job opportunities for commercial electricians. In fact, here at Rogers Electric, one of our most successful Front End Transformation Projects included exactly this. Check out our Home Depot self-service POS project story here

Picture of front of store of Home Depot with signs that read Checkout and Thank you and a POS checkout system that says Lane Closed

Front End Transformation captured at a Home Depot.
Source: Rogers Electric
Robotic Innovations: Serving Tomorrow Today

The sight of robots serving tables may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s reality. While we have seen the start of integrating robots into restaurants over the past couple of years, it is not the norm just yet. In the future, a director at Michigan State University predicts that only 30% of restaurants will have human servers. The majority of restaurants will instead rely on robots for service. 

Automation in restaurants leads to more social remoteness, but also creates new opportunities for electricians. Because of COVID-19, there is a severe shortage of food industry workers. The National Restaurant Association reports that 62% of US restaurants lack sufficient staff to meet customer demand. This leaves the restaurant industry with no choice but to come up with solutions to their issue- hence turning to robots as the answer. 

At Rogers Electric, we strive to remain strong players in an era where technological advancements are not a threat, but an opportunity for growth and specialization. With more and more robots being used in the future, the need for electricians will never die out. Any problem that may arise with a robot will call for the expertise of an electrician to assist- making their contribution to society invaluable. 

self serving robot inside a restaurant with a family in the background

The increased use of robots in restaurants leads to more opportunities for the electrical industry.
Source: FOX Business
How Electricians Connect Society Together

Some argue that increased remoteness is causing a social drift, but the electrical industry is experiencing the opposite trend. With each stride in technology, electricians find increasing opportunities to showcase their diverse skills within the realm of electrical service. From drive-thrus, self-checkouts, and robots, the possibilities are endless for the future. 

The more remote society becomes, the more electricians work to connect. Rogers Electric emerges as a leader, seamlessly combining expertise and innovation to redefine societal remoteness. To learn more about how Rogers Electric can make innovation come to life through electrical service, check out our past projects work.