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Predictive Electrical Maintenance in Commercial Properties

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As a leading national commercial electrical provider, Rogers Electric sees the importance of performing routine electrical maintenance. If lowering costs and avoiding risk aren’t enough reasons for it, there are many benefits to schedule regular maintenance. Furthermore, the new tech surrounding predictive maintenance makes investing in it a no brainer.

We understand that upkeep to installed systems can often be put on the backburner with reduced importance. We are here to show you the significance of proactive/predictive maintenance and what it can do for your business. Join us as we dive into reasons to invest in electrical maintenance.

Risk Avoidance

Safety is a top priority in our industry. Avoiding any accidents or breaks that can risk the safety of individuals is important. OSHA standards set the bar, but employers, like Rogers Electric, are looking for additional steps taken to avoid safety hazards. Proactive and predictive maintenance will keep your facilities ahead of the curve when it comes to safety.

electrical systems

Commercial Electricians should perform routine electrical maintenance after installation.

Source: Rogers Electric


Reducing Wasted Energy

In a world full of energy usage, we should be weary of any sort of wastage. By addressing issues promptly, regular maintenance ensures that electrical systems operate at their optimal levels, in turn reducing energy wastage. Reducing energy wastage will save outstanding costs and liabilities for your company.


New Tech in Predictive Maintenance Programs

With newfound capabilities of technologies, predictive maintenance is easier to achieve than ever. Predictive maintenance is a step forward to ensuring that facilities avoid any electrical risks. There are some impressive new technologies that have taken the electrical maintenance world by storm.  Commercial Electricians use Thermography for proactive maintenance.

thermography gun

Commercial Electricians use Thermography for proactive maintenance.

Source: Reliable Plant

Among these innovations, infrared thermography stands out as a powerful tool for detecting potential issues within electrical systems. By utilizing this thermal imaging tool, technicians can now conduct inspections on live systems. 

Rogers Electric has made the firm stance to never work “hot” on live systems. Though, this new system could give us the opportunity to learn more while the system is still up and running. Commercial electricians can use this to catch potential threats otherwise unseen by the naked eye.

Electrical issues within systems can generate high-frequency sounds that aren’t perceptible to the human ear. Ultrasound technology identifies these sounds. This technology helps technicians pinpoint sounds that may signify impending malfunctions. 

Cloud technology is now an integral part of maintenance. Technicians rely on continuous access to information on metrics regarding installed systems. Techs often face problems with balancing their installations and handling this data.

To tackle these challenges, businesses are turning to cloud technology as a means to streamline data management. Technicians can now figure out various problems using mobile devices through the cloud. This allows for easy access and streamlined communication for techs and operations teams.

Predictive maintenance systems have been placed in all types of commercial buildings, including warehouses and office spaces.

Source: Samotics


Is Proactive Electrical Maintenance Worth It?

Wondering if proactive maintenance is worth it? Proactive maintenance allows for commercial electricians to predict any problems before they occur. Proactive maintenance factors in condition based maintenance protocols to make predictions on when and where a problem may occur. These systems monitor individual assets and can detect faults up to 5 months before they occur.

Though proactive maintenance can enact more costs up front, it ensures assets are well taken care of. Condition monitoring helps to predict the future and save money. In fact, proactive maintenance has been proven to reduce complete system outages by a whopping 65%! Businesses are choosing to invest in this type of scheduled maintenance instead of reactive maintenance to protect their people, facilities and other assets. 

Avoiding outrageous costs for wiring system outages and breaks will save money and time for any company. The benefits of predictive maintenance are worth it.


Rogers Electric and Preventative Maintenance

As a top tier provider, we ensure quality installs and upkeep. Proactive electrical maintenance is a key part of our process. Our commercial electricians have installed and repaired on a wide range of sites and see the importance of using proactive maintenance. Whether you need a quarterly program or a bi-annual, our commercial electricians are able to customize directly to your facilities’ needs.

We see the importance of cost effectively avoiding risks like equipment failures. We use new technologies to combat said risks before they can happen. However, the most important part of upkeep is ensuring a reliable and experienced commercial electrician is at your job site. 

Quality work cannot be ensured without quality commercial electricians that work with care. Check out our services at Rogers Electric and see the level of care we take with us to every job site. Rogers Electric is available for all predictive maintenance solutions!