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Home Depot, realizing a need to retrofit their distribution center network from fluorescent to LED, reached out to Rogers for a labor bid. This project had a main goal of sustainability in mind: to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, minimize repeated maintenance costs, cut back on energy bills, and improve the lighting in the warehouses. Rogers, who had a long-standing relationship with Home Depot, was chosen based on field experience, familiarity with the customer’s needs, and a nationwide footprint – able to complete the job in any state with minimal travel expenses.


Rogers worked with Home Depot’s chosen fixture provider, Hubbell, to confirm the survey results, review the solutions provided, schedule and provide labor for each warehouse. All old fixtures were recycled or properly disposed of, and each new fixture was installed with speed and efficiency. Rogers handled all waste and recycling scheduling and removal, as well. When Home Depot began the second wave of DCs, Rogers was again awarded the project, and Rogers will work with Hubbell again for wave 3. In total, 43 regional, local, and direct distribution centers will be completed by Rogers.


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