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How Can the Electrical Industry Appeal to Young Adults?

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The young adult generation is steering away from the trades. Skilled trades were once an in demand career for those graduating college. Now, the cultural impact has steered young people towards office and remote jobs. 

The electrical industry is a part of this phenomenon. Becoming an electrician is now seen as an “old-school” career pathway. In truth, there is nothing “old-school” about this career. In fact, researchers estimate that the demand for electricians will increase by almost 10% in the next 10 years.

Electrician standing on commercial lift in a large warehouse.

The electrical trade has unlimited opportunities for young tradespeople.
Source: Rogers Electric

How can we attract these new graduates to a career in the electrical industry? Being an electrician is one of the most progressive career choices for young adults. The need for commercial electrical work is only growing due to innovative technology and sustainable inventions. Electricians are on the cutting edge of new energy sources and can often be some of the first people to see these innovations. 


The facts are there, but the messaging is all wrong for attracting younger generations to commercial electrical work. Businesses need to focus their messaging on the enablement of new technology and new processes. The industry needs to adjust to changing mindsets of recent graduates. Young minds are more concerned with digital assets and innovations than ever. Advertising towards these values is the best way to spark interest in the commercial electrician career path. 


Some good fields to consider displaying for hiring advertisements are EV charging installation and automation of warehousing. The electrical components in these new technologies allow for a high demand for commercial electricians. Highlighting innovative technology like this will draw young commercial electricians to these jobs.

Electric Vehicle Chargers in rows

EV charging installation is exciting new technology work for commercial electricians.
Source: Emergency Electrician

Trades are now competing with an influx of remote job opportunities. Unfortunately, the job of a commercial electrician cannot be done off-site. This is where being a flexible employer must take impact. An employer needs to be flexible with work hours as well as the processes they are using. The offer of both travel benefits as well as good time-off benefits will attract these young workers.


Being a flexible employer allows workers to feel cared for as they start their career. Young commercial electricians value their time and quality of work. Allowing electricians stability around busy schedules will also attract younger generations of commercial electricians. 


Salary doubts are a big reason why young adults are not joining the electrical industry. A big misconception is that there is no room for economic growth as a commercial electrician. Company’s need to attract people by advertising salary incentives. Moving up the ladder as an electrician can increase one’s salary in just a few years. Career progression opportunities can be a selling point for upcoming commercial electricians. Young electricians often earn higher salaries than their peers after a few short years of experience and schooling.


Rogers Electric commercial electricians work on cutting edge installations that look towards the future. And, our benefits offer growth within the electrical industry for all electricians. Are you a young adult right out of high school or college looking for flexibility and a stable career? Take a look at our open positions at Rogers Electric.