Intern Spotlight: Alex Winn

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Intern Spotlight: Alex Winn

 The accomplishments of our 2023 summer interns have surpassed all of our expectations. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our Marketing Intern, Alex, to discuss her experience here at Rogers Electric and do an intern spotlight on her before she heads back to college. 


What piqued your interest in Rogers Electric? Pertaining to your specific role here.

 “I really liked the culture at Rogers Electric and thought it would be the perfect place to learn more about Marketing, specifically social media.”

What three words would you use to describe Rogers?

 “Welcoming, Encouraging, Rewarding”

What were you most excited to learn at Rogers Electric this summer?

 “I am most excited to learn how I can turn social media into a career and develop my communication and research skills.”

What are you expecting to gain from this experience? 

 “I am hoping to gain connections as well as work on my creativity and design skills.”

We like to end our spotlights with a fun personality question so….. What three emojis describe you? 



Her creative spirit and fresh perspective leaves us sad to see her go, but excited for her journey ahead. Alex was a joy to work with this summer. Watching her grow into a young professional through our internship program made us so proud! We are excited to see what she does in her last year of college! Thank you for being a part of the Rogers Electric team this summer, Alex!

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