Grace Noble: Intern Spotlight

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Intern Spotlight: Grace Noble

We are proud of what our summer interns have accomplished this year! We recently got the opportunity to sit down with our HR intern, Grace Noble, for her intern spotlight and to discuss her experience here at Rogers Electric this summer before she heads back to college.

What piqued your interest in Rogers Electric? Pertaining to your specific role here.

After speaking to Avery Duncan for 2 minutes on the phone, I was immediately very interested. She explained the environment and employees of Rogers Electric as a second home. I knew it would be true, because the interview process didn’t feel like I was being interrogated; it felt like I was talking with family. As for my position, it is unlike any internship, because I’m working closely with not only everyone in my department, but I was told that I would work with every department. This was a deciding factor for me, because I wanted to gain connections and knowledge from many professionals. I get to shadow my colleagues in my department as well as executives from other departments.

What three words would you use to describe Rogers?

Enthusiasm, Integrity, Caring

What were you most excited to learn at Rogers Electric this summer?

I am most excited to learn about the ins and outs of the company while getting lunch with the executives. We started weekly lunches with employees from each department, and it’s been my favorite part of each week. I love getting to know about what goes on in every part of the company while getting to meet my really cool colleagues.

What are you expecting to gain from this experience?

I am hoping to gain many lifelong mentors and friends. I also hope to gain knowledge and experiences that I can take with me through any walk of life.

We like to end our spotlights with a fun personality question so….. What three emojis describe you?



We are pleased to have had Grace here with us this summer for our internship program. Her excitement and confidence in her work will undoubtedly lead her to success in the years to come! Thanks for joining the Rogers Electric team this summer and participating in the intern spotlight!

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