The 2023 Summer Internship Experience

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Rogers Electric had the pleasure of hosting five interns this year in our annual summer internship program. In an experience like no other, our summer interns took their prior education to the workplace. Accordingly, assisting in each of their respective departments. Their positive attitude and work ethic allowed them to exceed expectations here at the Rogers Electric corporate office.

Rogers Summer Interns

The Rogers Electric fantastic 5 summer interns (as we call them).
Source: Rogers Electric

Summer Internship Program

Alex, Jackson, Grace, Makenna, and Alex (yes we have two) joined our team this summer with unique passions for their specific fields. Their impressive work ethic and undeniable excitement brought fresh perspectives to Rogers Electric this summer. 

If you are unfamiliar with our internship program, it is a summer-long developmental experience that offers a range of learning applications and practical work experience. Rogers hires interns for multiple departments, including: accounting, finance, human resources, IT, marketing and operations teams. They get a chance to work within their designated department as well as work and collaborate within their intern group.

Rogers University Project

Our five interns were tasked with their own interdepartmental projects as well as a team internship project. In their internship project, this year they were tasked with proposing a Rogers Electric high school program coined “Rogers University”. 

With the significant decline in interest for skilled trades and the severe trade shortage nationally, the interns set out to gain interest of young and upcoming electricians. In this grassroots campaign, the interns used their individual skills to establish connections, create presentation materials, and market Rogers University to high schools in the Metro-Atlanta area.

With tight deadlines and important deliverables, the five interns used their individual skill sets to get the job done. Similarly, they challenged each other to improve their abilities and to learn from their mistakes.

They took the project to the next level by visiting job sites, career fairs, and creating videos to market their campaign. Additionaly, the interns established intercompany relationships as well as lasting relationships with high schools in the Metro-Atlanta area. Certainly, the results of their project will impact Rogers Electric’s relationship with aspiring electricians long after the end of summer. Thank you intern class of 2023 for kick starting this program that we anticipate being a success for years to come!

Campers and their Camp Counselors at Camp Rogers.

Source: Rogers Electric

Camp Rogers

Camp Rogers introduced fun and mentorship all in the same day. Starting off with lunch with the Rogers leadership team, our interns participated in a Q&A session with the leaders of the organization. 

Interns then paired up with their “Camp Counselor” aka leadership team member and took part in a series of intense competitions. Musical chairs and tug-of-war tested the strength and resilience of the campers…. in between many fits of laughter!!

Altogether, Camp Rogers took bonding and mentorship to the next level with a day full of learning, competition, and excitement. 

Partaking in challenging projects and creating positive working relationships, our summer interns made a lasting impact here at Rogers. We are disappointed to see our five summer interns leave us as they go back to school. However, we know they are each off to do great things! To read more about each individual intern, check out our intern spotlights