Intern Spotlight: Jackson Weaver

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Intern Spotlight: Jackson Weaver

We are happy to share the outstanding work that our summer interns did over the last few months by sharing intern spotlights. We recently got the opportunity to sit down with our Marketing intern, Jackson Weaver, to discuss his experience here at Rogers Electric this summer before he heads back to college.


What piqued your interest in Rogers Electric? Pertaining to your specific role here.

The outlook on making connections at Rogers. I saw a great opportunity to make positive relationships here.

What three words would you use to describe Rogers?

Enthusiasm, Integrity, Caring

What were you most excited to learn at Rogers Electric this summer?

I was most excited to learn more about the B2B sales process. And how to interact with others in a sales format.

What are you expecting to gain from this experience? 

I am expecting to gain valuable insight from mentors. I am expecting to gain knowledge of the sales and marketing lifecycle.

We like to end our spotlights with a fun personality question so….. What three emojis describe you? 



We were happy to have Jackson with us this summer for our internship program. His progress and determination were admirable and we are excited to see what the rest of his college career has in store for him. Whatever it is, we know it will be great. Thank you for being a part of the Rogers Electric team this summer, Jackson!

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