Artificial Intelligence Powered Robot Pickers

Retailers across the world are diving deep into what it means to have robot powered warehouses and distribution centers. A brand we know well, Ocado, has customer fulfillment centers all over. But one specifically in East London that is one of the most sophisticated and automated on the planet. They [...]

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Turning Shipping Containers into COVID-19 Treatment Centers

Image Source   Hospital infrastructures are taking a hard hit from the influx of COVID-19 patients. In turn, they are facing lack of supplies, equipment, space for patients, and overworked hospital staff. With the abundant amount of materials and building capabilities development/construction companies have. There’s no question that there are [...]

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Coronavirus: How Does it Affect the Retail Industry?

Image Source As COVID-19 continues to impact every aspect of our lives, there are a number of effects on businesses that will make this pandemic last longer than 2020. While many of these effects are shocking and “not the norm” for consumers, this is only the beginning. This pandemic will [...]

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