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Retail Trends: A Recap

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If you missed the four installments of “Top Trends Retails Must Embrace in 2022,” check them out here.

The past few weeks, Rogers has been highlighting the new retail trends from 2022. And we don’t know about you – but there’s been a lot to learn about innovative retail trends! If you didn’t get a chance to read the full series, check out the summary below:

Integrate e-commerce & in-store purchasing

For years, we’ve seen an “in-store vs e-commerce” mentality with retail. Now, it’s becoming clear that it’s not an either-or situation, but a both-and one. Stores now play a critical role in fulfilling e-commerce orders. Many people prefer to browse online, then go into a physical store to make a purchase. And despite the issues we’ve faced due to COVID-19, retailers are predicted to open more brick-and-mortar stores than they will close.

Create a one-stop shopping experience

When shoppers walk into a store or click on a company’s website, they’re looking for a quick and convenient experience. There are many ways to achieve this besides just selling new products: partnerships with other retailers (like CVS and Target), and store-within-a-store setups (like Macy’s and Toys-R-Us) are two great examples that could benefit a company no matter which part they play.

Join the cashier-less check-out revolution

Amazon/Whole Foods, Circle K, BP, Sam’s Club, and more have found ways to allow their in-store shoppers to skip the check-out line completely. Whether it’s through an app that we use to scan as we go, AI technology that monitors us in the store, or a fancy smart-cart that scans what we put in (and take out of) your buggy… cashier-less stores are quickly gaining traction in the retail market.

Send some love to the supply chain

The supply chain has gone from unsung hero to front-and-center savior for businesses all over the world in the past two years. It’s become apparent that we’ve neglected this crucial piece of the puzzle for far too long. The three biggest trends we’ve seen here are a rise in micro-warehouses/last-mile distribution centers; greater reliance on 3PL/4PL services; and incorporating AI and AR technology into all supply chain processes. The biggest benefit for any company will come when they integrate all three into their supply chain.

With all this growth and change, we are ready and waiting to partner with you to bring any of these trends to life in your own business. Whether you’re building from the ground up, retrofitting current locations, or just looking for someone to maintain or repair what you already have – Rogers has the power to get YOUR job done. Call on us so you can keep up with the recent retail trends.

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