Rogers Spotlight: Amy Cox

Rogers Spotlight: Amy Cox


Rogers has several intentions set for ending off 2018. Some of these include putting a greater focus on our Rogers family, highlighting our hard workers across our divisions and teams and giving back to our local communities.

We want to take a moment to specifically show how thankful we are for all of our women employees that make up a significant part of the Rogers family. We had the honor this past week to set aside some time to get to know our Rogers female technicians a little bit better  –  how long they’ve been working for Rogers, their favorite thing about working for Rogers, etc.

This week, we had the honor to learn a little more about Amy Cox, one of our incredible female technicians, and hear about how Rogers has truly changed her life. Amy has been working with Rogers for a year now as an electrician service technician.

Amy, how long have you been in the electrical field?

“I have been doing electrical work since 2004, and I love working for Rogers. I’ve worked commercial, industrial, residential, chemical plants, and nuclear plants, and by FAR Rogers work is the best.”

Tell us a little bit about how Rogers has impacted you and your family:

“My kids and I have suffered through many layoffs, and working for as many companies as I have, many of these companies say that they are family oriented but I have only seen one company show that and prove that. This last year has proven to be very difficult for my family. We have lost my father and gained my eldest daughter back home, I am raising all 4 of my kids while surviving on my income alone. While my father was sick, Rogers allowed me to take on work orders at any time while still giving me time to raise my kids, take my father to doctor’s appointments, etc. I truly have nothing but love for this company. I am thankful for all the families, parents, and children, that have what they need everyday because of the opportunities given to them from this company, because they work hard, and because the owner of this company cares for his employees.”

Amy, what do you enjoy about working in this industry?

“When I started working I wanted to be a welder, but someone thankfully talked me into doing electrical work. I enjoy troubleshooting electrical circuits and being able to work on service calls that are quick! Successfully completing electrical work in stores makes me feel like I am valuable and can accomplish and complete work orders.”

Where do you intend to be in your career/industry in the next 5 years?

“I plan to stay with Rogers as long as they will have me! I hope to keep growing with the company.  I plan on enrolling in HVAC school.”

We’ve loved learning your story, Amy, and hearing how important Rogers is to you. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without hardworking employees like you making Rogers what it is. Thank you for taking time to let us in on your journey with us. We are so thankful for you!

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.