Rogers Spotlight: Stacey Polcik

Rogers Spotlight: Stacey Polcik


Rogers has several intentions set for ending off 2018. Some of these include putting a greater focus on our Rogers family, highlighting our hard workers across our divisions and teams and giving back to our local communities.

We want to take a moment to specifically show how thankful we are for all of our women employees that make up a significant part of the Rogers family. We had the honor this past week to set aside some time to get to know our Rogers female technicians a little bit better  –  how long they’ve been working for Rogers, their favorite thing about working for Rogers, etc.

This week, we talked to Stacey Polcik, one of our incredible female technicians, about what it means working in this industry and to show our immense amount of  appreciation for her hard work. Here are some of the things Stacey had to say:

How long have you worked for Rogers?

“I have been working for Rogers for 17 months.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Rogers?

“One of my favorite things about working for Rogers is the variety of electrical work I get to handle on a day to day basis as a service technician.”

What do you enjoy about working in this industry?

“My favorite thing about working in this industry is that there is always something new to learn. “

Have you always wanted to work in the electrical field or is it something you’ve recently found passion for?

“I didn’t start working in this field until I turned 35. I just happened to become interested in how electricity worked and decided to get a job doing residential electrical. I love working in this field and can’t imagine doing anything else. I love my job!”

Where do you intend to be in your career/industry in the next 5 years?

“I intend to continue working for Rogers and in this industry until I am forced to hang up my Klein’s!”

On top of talking specifically to Stacey about her work with Rogers, we also had the privilege to sit down with some of Stacey’s colleagues and hear what they had to say about how hard-working and dedicated she is in every aspect of her work. Here are some of the things they said:

“Stacey helps us service the Michigan area, to include break and repair, lighting, as well as our small project work – the customer base is primarily Walmart, Lowes, and Target. Stacey has excellent communication with the dispatch team as well with the Ohio office. Her skills allow us to schedule any type of work order we may have.”

“The great thing with Stacey is that she will communicate any issues on the work order to us. If she has an issue, she is able to call us and with direction get the job done. Stacey is prompt with her responses to emails, gets on the conference calls, and finishes tasks she needs to with no issues. Stacey is a leader when it comes to company policy. Stacey is a plus to have in the region!”

We’re so proud and lucky to have you, Stacey, as very important members of the Rogers family and we’re thankful you took the time to sit down with us and give us some insight to what Rogers means to you.

Look for next week’s spotlight when we Get Connected to the People Behind Rogers and honor another in the Rogers family.