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Social Media in the Electrical Industry

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The rate of younger generations applying for skilled trade jobs has dropped around 50% in the last few years. This crisis needs to be resolved. What better way to solve this problem than by utilizing the tool that Gen-Z uses the most, social media?

We know that likes and comments on social media have nothing to do with commercial electricians. But what if commercial electricians are the people who are liking and commenting?

The electrical industry has been difficult to pitch to new generations, but social media has brought popularity and community to the industry. 

Join us as we explore how social media has powered a community of electricians, one meme at a time. 

Relatable Content

Relatable content speaks to most everybody. All jobs have their own lingo and inside jokes. The trades are no different. 

Job sites offer unique experiences to commercial electricians. Working with many other groups of tradesmen on a job for long hours and months at a time can mean an exciting bonding experience. Each trade offers their own sense of humor relating to their field. Keeping it light between the trades helps maintain enjoyable working environments. So we try to maintain that on the Rogers Electric social media platforms.

What are some experiences that all commercial electricians or trades people can relate to? Social media managers should answer this question when choosing the content to post. Check out the Rogers Electric TikTok account for relatable commercial electrician content and inspiration to pull from. We recently even had a video get 21,000 views!

electrical meme social media

Rogers Electric brings content that speaks to the trades and gives them a voice.

Source: Rogers Electric


Building Community

Bringing the electrical industry together as a community is the ultimate goal of social media in our industry. Social media creates a meeting ground for tradesman and corporate support. Those who might not get a chance to work together directly, get to interact through a created community.

Other initiatives like employee recognition programs help companies to inspire interaction and comradery between employees on social pages. Rogers Electric makes the effort to showcase and spotlight our hardworking employees at least once a week.


Tech of the month social media

Rogers Electric uses Tech of the Month postings to recognize employees across all platforms.

Source: Rogers Electric


How We Use Platforms to Attract Prospective Commercial Electricians

The answer is simple: we show our current employees at work, we post content that relates to electricians, and we focus on recognition. Employers that show a people-centric culture will see results when it comes to recruiting. 

Did you know that 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search? Utilizing a people-first media strategy will help to attract young commercial electricians.

Social media might seem to some like a contemporary and ineffective device, but when used with the right intentions, it can build and foster long-lasting relationships and careers. Making a job a career and co-workers like family, social media gives us the power to make company-wide connections.

Looking to be a part of a community like no other?  Apply or inquire at our careers page.