Summer Intern Spotlight: Alex Tawes

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Intern Spotlight: Alex Tawes

Our summer interns are an integral part of Rogers Electric and we are happy to show them some appreciation. Accordingly, we are kicking off our first summer intern spotlight of the summer with Alex! Alex is a rising junior that will be attending UGA in the fall. He is a computer science major and is an IT intern here at Rogers. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Alex for a few questions about his internship. 


What piqued your interest in Rogers Electric? Pertaining to your specific role here.

What piqued my interest in Rogers pertaining to my specific role as an IT intern is that I will be learning a new aspect of the technology field. While at KSU my major was software engineering and at UGA I will be switching to computer science, so I have not studied or worked in the IT side of technology yet. So far I have learned a lot from the wonderful IT team here.

What three words would you use to describe Rogers?

Friendly, Persevering, Driven

What are you most excited to learn at Rogers Electric this summer?

The thing I am most excited to learn at Rogers this summer is learning how to develop an application that will be built and published to be used on a big scale. John, the Director of Production Systems here at Rogers, has tasked me to individually develop an application which allows employees to request devices and equipment they need. Throughout school I have created several applications, but none were actually used for a purpose other than learning. This project will be an amazing learning opportunity and it will be my first ever application that will be published and used for legitimate purposes.

What are you expecting to gain from this experience as a summer intern?

I am expecting to gain knowledge and experience from being an IT intern here at Rogers Electric. I have already learned so much during my time here, but there is also so much more to learn. From the application I am building to the practical side of IT, this internship is going to teach me valuable skills and give me insight into the field. I am confident that the people here at Rogers and my internship experience will set me up for my future career endeavors.

We like to end our spotlights with a fun personality question so….. What three emojis describe you?



We are excited to see all that Alex accomplishes this summer! We have no doubt that he will continue to make us proud as our IT intern. Thank you for joining us as a summer intern!

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