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What it Takes to Become a Commercial Electrician

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Trade Schools, apprenticeships, and more. Looking to become a commercial electrician? Wondering the next step to take? We are here to take you through the process.

Are you a fixer? Can you solve problems by using your hands and your knowledge? A career as a commercial electrician might be what you are looking for. Gaining experience in the electrical field can propel your career forward.

As a young commercial electrician, there is so much room for growth. In fact, U.S. News ranked commercial electricians 2nd in best construction jobs because of various factors. Those factors include career outlook, salary, and work-life balance. More and more people are becoming knowledgeable about the benefits of working as a commercial electrician.

So, what does it take to become a commercial electrician? We are here to walk you through the steps to your next career.

commercial electrician
Rogers Electric commercial electricians are offered room for growth in their electrical career path.
Source: Rogers Electric


Before Trade School or Apprenticeship

Firstly, most trade schools and apprenticeship programs require the candidate to have a high school diploma or equivalent. In fact, some high school programs give aspiring apprentices a headstart to their electrical career. Here they will learn fundamental safety and procedural expertise. 

Gaining mentorship and experience before trade school can be a key factor in career progression. Check out programs like the Lehigh Electrical Technology Program to kickstart this trade as early as high school.


Trade School vs. Apprenticeship Program

The next step is to choose between going to trade school or heading straight into an apprenticeship. It is important to recognize your own learning style for this choice.

If you possess a more traditional classroom learning style, trade school is the choice for you. Trade school offers complete and in depth training from professional instructors. There you can develop your electrical skills while receiving a well rounded education. 

Trade schools allow people to focus on specialized skills within the industry. This allows you to specify the type of electrician you are interested in becoming. 

If you are a more hands-on learner, an electrical apprenticeship is the right choice for you. An electrical apprenticeship allows people to learn in a practical and hands-on setting. They offer pay while training and often lead to growth within the specific company. In this position, you will be working with electrical components during on-job training. Rogers Electric offers apprenticeship programs for upcoming commercial electricians. Our program offers on-job training for either service or construction settings.

Both of these learning experiences are extremely important in the process. Learning specific skills such as electrical wiring and how to install, maintain and repair systems. Commercial electrical systems can be complicated, setting yourself up with knowledge helps prepare for those systems.


The Final Step

After your chosen learning experience, you will need to gain a license in the required state. This is an important point to ensure all the right steps were taken and you are eligible to be hired as a full time electrician.

commercial electrician
Rogers Electric provides electrical apprenticeships for aspiring commercial electricians.
Source: Rogers Electric

Becoming a commercial electrician might be the electrical career pathway you have been looking for! Reviews from current electricians rank job satisfaction in the above average category. U.S. News also ranks the electrician career as 6th for highest paying jobs without a college degree. 

Looking for a career that returns the investment? Setting yourself up early in the electrical field offers a variety of benefits. Here at Rogers Electric, growth is everything. We offer apprenticeship programs through Rogers University (our development program). Here you can start as early as high school, gaining advantages like mentorship and practical experience on job sites. 

Mentorship and unlimited opportunities are on the horizon when you take your first step to becoming a commercial electrician. It is never too early to start thinking about your career in the electrical industry. Harness your strengths and contribute to your passions here at Rogers Electric. Join us today!